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How can regular reflexology help me to stay healthy as I age?

Updated: May 21

As we age our bodies change, our reflexes can slow down, our muscles can tighten and we are not as flexible as we used to be. We have more aches and pains and sometimes less feeling in our hands and feet. When this happens, we may quit exercising and doing the things we used to enjoy because they cause pain or are just getting harder to do. When we stop, our quality of life decreases and we age faster. This can lead to depression as well as a whole host of physical ailments. By stimulating the nerve endings on the hands and feet, you are positively affecting the whole body.

Regular reflexologies (1-2 times a month) can really help you improve your quality of life and your health. Reflexology does 4 very important things for the whole body.

#1 Improves Nerve Function – As we age we may notice that we have different sensations over our whole body and sometimes we have less feeling in our hands/feet or over other areas of the body. By regularly receiving reflexology nerve function can be improved. This can improve your reaction time, as well as your ability to grasp objects with your hand. It can also help your feet with balance and walking and even help with pain. If you have overly sensitive nerve function, reflexology can, in some people, help to desensitize those body parts which will allow you to have less pain and move more easily. Staying as mobile and active as possible will definitely help you age better. We can be more physically fit, weigh less and have a happier more productive life.

#2 Improves Circulation - Reflexology can help improve circulation. Good circulation is vital to a healthy life. By having good blood flow throughout the body, your heart, lungs and muscles will function better and more efficiently, giving you more energy. Good circulation of white blood cells in our bodies will keep our immune system functioning properly, which helps fight off illness and disease.

#3 Removes Toxins – Reflexology helps remove toxins from your body. By releasing toxins that have built up, you help the body work better and feel better. This also helps improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, which is directly linked to the immune system. It’s always important to drink plenty of water after a reflexology to flush the newly released toxins out of your body.

#4 Relaxing – Reflexology relaxes the body and mind. The body functions and heals better in a relaxed state. Reflexology promotes mental health and can help anyone get better sleep.

All this put together is why reflexology can help anyone improve their health and live a better life.

~Kris Anderegg, Reflexologist


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