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How do I choose between Acupuncture and Reflexology?

Updated: May 21

Reflexology and Acupuncture are therapies that can complement each other. If I were to recommend a treatment protocol for using them together, I would recommend alternating Reflexology for 1 week, then acupuncture the next and try doing that for 4 to 6 weeks. It is also important to keep track of how you are feeling during this time. Acupuncture and Reflexology work with some of the same points, but also use different points and used together can be very beneficial for healthcare.

Reflexology uses different amounts of pressure on different points and areas on the ears, face, hands and feet to help stimulate, or calm, reflex points and energy meridians that can affect and balance the whole body. Reflexology can improve nerve function, help desensitize a body part after an injury or illness, improve circulation, calm the mind, and can help reduce pain and alleviate symptoms of many common ailments.

~Kris Anderegg, Reflexologist

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