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AntiGravity(R) sounds intimidating. What safety precautions are taken during a class?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

You are right! AntiGravity(R) does sound a bit daunting when you hear about it. Let me reassure you that I, as the instructor, have been trained and certified to teach the movements you will experience in the class. I am trained to spot you during all inversions, while my cues will help you safely move through an exercise. I only teach 2 people per class, so individual attention is guaranteed. Additionally, not all movements are inversions during a class. The set sequences can also include modern yoga, Pilates, traditional strength training techniques and meditative relaxation.

Safety precautions are important in any fitness training setting. Before any AntiGravity(R) class begins, we discuss safety positions and I determine where the hammock needs to be set for your height and body type. The hammock was also designed with safety in mind. For example, the fabric of the hammock was specifically designed to stretch widthwise, not lengthwise, so it does not stretch down towards the floor. You are always in contact with the hammock; it wraps your body so you feel secure and supported. Lastly, as in any fitness program, the foundational movements are taught first before moving on to more advanced ones. If you get online to research AntiGravity(R), more than likely you will see the more advanced movements. I assure you that you will not start there.

AntiGravity(R) is such a fun way to exercise! You actually feel like a child playing, but with the added benefits of improving flexibility, mobility, balance and strength while releasing muscle tension. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Statera at 563-207-8932.

~Malia Ridgway, Pilates, AntiGravity and TRX Instructor

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