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What is the difference between Life Purpose Coaching and Mental Health Counseling?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Life Purpose Coaches and Mental Health Counselors use many similar techniques and tools to help you reach your goals and live a happier healthier life. Both are a partnership between you and the practitioner that can help you make positive and lasting changes to your overall well-being based on your needs and goals.

Mental health counselors offer guidance to individuals, couples, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. This may include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships and healing past traumas.

Life Purpose Coaches guide clients through creating a vision for their health and well-being, developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits, and encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals. Life Purpose Coaching is a positive, present and future-focused exercise in personal growth in areas such as:

-Identify and overcome challenges and barriers to living the life you desire. -Generate more energy, motivation, meaning, purpose and passion for life. -Prioritize self-care without guilt. -Make healthy lifestyle changes that will last. -Improve relationships with others as well as yourself. -Answer the question who am I today and what do I really want? -Experience more joy, fun and laughter. -Create a beautiful future after a major life transition. -Reconnect with your spirituality. -Create greater balance in your life. -Gain self-awareness about how your mindset, thoughts, actions and patterns are holding you back from experiencing greater life satisfaction.

FAQ’s About Life Purpose Coaching:

  • How long are the sessions? Our first session takes about 90 minutes, but most sessions are 60 minutes. Coaching can be done in person, by phone or via video conferencing.

  • What will we do in the sessions? The coaching process I use has five steps including; 1. Exploration and Discovery—Who are you and what changes do you want to make at this time of your life? 2. Uncovering Challenges and Barriers—What is getting in the way of you making those changes and becoming the person you want to be? 3. Recognizing Strengths and Assets—What are your strengths, values, past successes and what is working for you? 4. Problem Solving and Strategy Building—Developing the tools, methods and timeline for you to move forward successfully! 5. Testing and Confidence Building— Using your new knowledge, behaviors and skills to make changes today and building for future success!

  • How many sessions will I need? How quickly you work through the process will depend on your needs, motivation, self-awareness and the time spent in and outside of sessions working through the process.

  • How much does coaching cost and is it covered by insurance? Coaching is not yet covered by insurance. Rates vary from $75-$125 per session with 3 and 6 session package discounts available.

  • What are your Coaching qualifications? Master’s Degree, University of Northern Iowa; Mental Health Counseling Doctorate Degree, Iowa State University; Higher Education Life Purpose Coaching Certification, Life Purpose Institute Health Coaching Certification, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Linda’s Coaching Philosophy I believe most of us carry the innate wisdom inside us about what we need to live a happy, meaningful life. We are too busy and surrounded by noise and chaos to know and hear our own truth. Through the coaching process, you take the time and make the space in your life to quiet your mind and open our heart to your own truth. It is then that you can honestly answer your questions and discover the path that is uniquely yours to walk.

~Dr. Linda Peterson, PhD, MHC, Life Purpose Health and Wellness Coach

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