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What is a Dry January?

Your timing is perfect for this question! Dry January is when people abstain from drinking alcohol for the entire month of January. It officially began in 2013 when the organization Alcohol Change UK started a Dry January campaign encouraging people to take a break from drinking for the month. Even if you consider yourself a casual drinker, taking a break from alcohol for the month of January (or any month) can be good for you. Health experts say there are plenty of health benefits to Dry January, from improved sleep to better skin to more energy, to name only a few.

After a month or two of holiday celebrations consisting of over-eating and drinking, many of us feel ready for a sugar and alcohol “detox” when the new year rolls around. Maybe you have become “sober curious”, questioning your relationship with alcohol, or recognizing that it truly does not support your health and wellness goals for 2023. Going alcohol free for 30 days can provide a reset for your mind, body, and self-confidence. From there you can decide whether you want to become more mindful about your alcohol consumption or whether being alcohol free is a better lifestyle choice for you at this time.

If you are intrigued about the idea of going alcohol free for 30 days, consider joining Alexia Thompson, Mental Health Counselor and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor & Dr. Linda Peterson, Nationally Certified Counselor and Life, Health, and Wellness Coach for Statera’s new program, The Alcohol Experiment: Your Month of Clarity. The program begins Monday, January 2 and meets every Monday in January from 5:30-7:00 pm at Statera. This non-judgmental, shame-free educational group is an opportunity for you to take a break from alcohol, examine your beliefs about the role alcohol plays in your life and take control of your future.

Your Mind ~ Your Body ~ Your Choice

~Dr. Linda Peterson

For more information and to register for this course (or to learn more about all workshops currently available), please call 563-207-8932 or visit

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