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You are Enough!

“You are enough. Not because you said or did or thought or bought or

became or created something special, but because you always were!”

~Author Unknown

Recently I have noticed in my coaching practice that there seems to be an epidemic of people feeling unworthy or that they are not enough. These underlying, limiting beliefs are dangerous because they can steal our dreams, health, and happiness if we neglect to fully acknowledge and address those beliefs.

What does it really mean to be “enough?” Enough is defined in the dictionary as sufficient or plenty. Please make note that that perfect and enough are not synonyms. We tend to base our own value on the expectations and judgements of others—whether they believe we are lovable, acceptable, valid, and worthy. We place our own worth on how others perceive us or think we should be.

Never question your value and don’t look to others to validate you. You are not broken, nor do you need fixing. Your essence is pure love, priceless and perfect, and you are here to live your journey, not some else’s idea of what your journey should be. Shifting our thoughts and emotions from fear and doubt to love and worthiness takes some effort, but here are a few suggestions to get started.

1. Know and then DO what makes you happy, not what others think you should be or do.

2. Let go of comparisons and judgements. We are no better or worse than anyone else and comparison only robs us of joy. Allow others their successes and failures without judgements or comparisons.

3. Make your 60-second elevator speech about who you are, not what you do. Your worth has nothing to do with your bank account, career, relationships, appearance, or accomplishments. Your value as a human is about who you are, not what you do.

4. Give and receive unconditional love. Act as if everyone you meet has inherent worth and value because they do. Expand your capacity for love and compassion for yourself and others. In doing so, we just may become a catalyst of broader change in our families, communities, and the world.

5. Be patient and compassionate with yourself—this is the hard work of life. What we have learned can be unlearned and thoughts, minds and hearts can be changed. Consider seeking the support and guidance of a Coach or Counselor to work through the process.

Being enough is not something you have to earn. It took a miracle of creation for you to be here, and the fact that you are here means you are enough--before, now, and always. Worthiness is your birthright! Accepting that you are enough does not mean you are done and that your work here is complete. There is always more to do, learn, grow, improve, and love, but remember, you are love itself and you are enough!

Below is a TED Talk on this topic that you might enjoy:

Blessings ~ Coach Linda

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