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Honoring The Space—Thoughts on My Retirement

I don’t believe in accidents— I do believe the Universe has my back! I vividly remember that fateful day I walked into a brand-new business just to see the unique building and hear about the owner’s dream. I left that day with a contract to become a life and wellness coach. Walking into Statera was no accident. I was blessed to be led to Statera at the time of a major career change but not quite ready to fully retire. We have called this my “retirement gig” and I could not have found a more perfect place or group of people with which to share this stage of life.

I have coached many clients through life transitions and encouraged them to “honor the space between no longer and not yet.” Now I find myself in that situation as I have decided, at age 68, to fully retire from coaching and begin a new chapter. June 30, 2024, will be my final day at Statera. I know I will honor my “space” in the garden among the flowers.

I am eternally grateful to those people who have trusted me with their life stories and allowed me to walk beside them for a while. We may have met only once or have been traveling together for quite some time, but each of you has brought something special to my life. A deeper love and appreciation for our individual uniqueness, our human commonalities, and the resilience of the human spirit. As we move forward on this life journey, I wish you love, joy, beauty, and peace and I encourage you to slow down and enjoy the view.

Thank you to Nicole for giving me this incredible opportunity to serve others doing what I love most in a beautiful, healing, loving space. May your vision for Statera continue to grow and flourish.

Blessings ~ Coach Linda

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