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What will you invest in this holiday season?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Advertisers would have us believe that we need something bigger, better, newer and nicer this season--more stuff! At age 64, I am in the process of downsizing and simplifying my life which means going through a multitude of drawers, cupboards and totes full of stuff. As I look at all of the stuff I have collected over the years, some things still hold deep meaning for me, such as family heirlooms. Other things I thought I just had to have, are now collecting dust or have not seen the light of day for decades--yes, decades. I am realizing that it is time to let go, surrender my attachment and see if someone else might need or enjoy my treasures.

After a year of frustration, isolation and fear, we may be even more tempted to really splurge on things we think will make ourself and our families happier. This holiday season I would like to challenge you to ask yourself,

~ What gifts will add true value to my/our life?

~ What gifts do I/we already have that need my/our attention and gratitude?

I want to encourage you to invest in your own personal growth this year by placing added focus on these gifts you can give yourself and others, any time of year.

G Gratitude. Recognize and appreciate the gifts you already have.

I Improvement Seek to grow and improve yourself in some small way.

F Forgiveness Forgive yourself and others for your peace of mind.

T Truth Speak truth to power with love and kindness.

S Simplicity Free yourself from busyness, clutter, craziness and complication.

As you prepare for the season, may you find ways to invest in what matters most to you, mind, body and spirit!


Coach Linda

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