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Finding Peace this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be full of joy, yet it can also bring up painful memories or feelings of stress and anxiety. Schedules are often overfilled and we rush from one thing to the next. We are so busy, we forget to consider what is really meaningful to us and what's not.

Here are some tips for slowing down and finding peace this holiday season:

  • Think about what is meaningful to you, and what's not. What does the holiday season mean to you? How will you choose to spend your time, energy and finances to be in line with what is meaningful to you? What can you maybe let go of to decrease your stress and anxiety?

  • Create healthy boundaries and stick with them. Maintaining personal boundaries helps us to remember our own self-worth, and that our needs are important. Healthy boundaries remind us that it's ok to say no sometimes. Learn more about boundaries here.

  • Set aside time for yourself. Self-care is important for your health and wellness...mind, body and spirit. Self-care includes hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise. With consistent self-care, you will be more likely to enjoy health and happiness through the season.

The holidays can truly be a time of joy and contentment. Rather than getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, slow down and be more mindful through your days. Focus on celebrating what is meaningful to you this holiday season, and let go of the rest.

~Nicole Hutchison, PT, CSCS, Holistic Health & Integrative Nutrution Coach


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1 commentaire

Tammy Flynn
Tammy Flynn
20 déc. 2023

Thanks Nicole ! Enjoy your holidays with your family . I hope you don’t mind but I am going to share this with some friends . great tips


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