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What are your goals?

Updated: 4 days ago

At Statera, we teach that there is no single nutrition plan that is right for everyone. We believe in "bio-individuality," which basically means every body is different so we all have different needs. We encourage whole food nutrition as much as possible, and supplementation as needed. Listening and honoring body cues is key to understanding what nutrition plan is right for you.

I'm often asked why I carry Isagenix products at the clinic. Isagenix is about so much more than weight loss! My husband, Dr. Hutchison and I have been using Isagenix personally and recommending the products to friends, family and clients for more than 10 years. Incorporating the right Isagenix products into your daily routine, they can help you accomplish your unique health and wellness goals including weight management, sports nutrition and healthy aging.

Join us for a free informational event this coming Tuesday evening, February 27th from 6-7pm to learn more about some of the core products we recommend. We will also be available to help you decide which products may be the best fit for you and your goals. Visit our website to save your spot.

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~Nicole Hutchison, PT CSCS, Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Nutritionist

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