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Self Care While Wedding Planning

With winter officially over, we are entering the wedding season. Wedding planning is stressful. This stress has been enhanced over the past few years due to the added stress of a pandemic and ever-changing guidelines. Brides-to-be are under more strain than ever before. Appropriate self-care during this period is essential. Self-care is taking time for yourself, this often gets lost between appointments and checking items off our to-do lists. Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • Focus on Nutrition: Our bodies rely on food for fuel. Energy levels revolve around what we put into our bodies, hence the saying “you get out what you put in”. A diet low in processed foods, sugars and added salt provide the nutrients our cells need to thrive. Maintaining proper hydration supports energy at a cellular level. Avoid dehydrating triggers such as caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

  • Focus on Sleep: Getting 8 hours of sleep a night allows our bodies to rest and recharge. Sleep improves concentration, regulates mood and aids decision making. Sleep can be improved by establishing a bedtime routine that contains a realistic time for sleep, avoidance of screen time and maintaining a comfortable environment in the bedroom.

  • Focus on Stress: Find ways to manage stress. Determine which tasks require attention and delegate items that are not essential. Work to develop an exercise routine. Daily intentional movement increases endorphins in the brain, leading to a sense of well-being and reduced stress. Consider grounding yourself to nature. Grounding is the act of reconnecting to the earth. This may be as simple as an outdoor, barefoot walk.

  • Focus on Meditation: Unplugging from technology and social media allows you to live in the present moment. Consider scheduling an appointment for a massage or acupuncture treatment. Deep breathing, meditation or journaling can help to refocus thinking and allow you to enjoy life outside the likes and shares of social media.

Prioritizing self-care can boost mental and physical health. In fact, developing self-care routines allows us to present our best, most authentic self to others, allowing us to become a better person, partner and friend.

~Emily Roling, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC

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