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Healthy Boundaries

Creating healthy boundaries is not selfish, it is an act of self-care. Recognizing what is important to us and establishing boundaries for ourselves and our relationships sets clear expectations of how we want to take care of ourselves, how we want to treat others and how we would like for others to treat us. Healthy boundaries are important in relationships at home and at work, with family and with friends and even with complete strangers.

Not sure if you have set healthy boundaries or not? Take the boundaries quiz:

What were your results? Now you have a better idea of where you have established healthy boundaries in your life, and where you maybe haven't been as clear in asking for what you need. I've listed several resources below that you may find helpful for some direction from here, whether you're just getting started or you're ready for next steps.

It may be helpful for you to talk with a trusted friend or loved one about what you've learned, or you may want to consider working with a coach or counselor. The work you put into developing healthy boundaries may feel difficult and even uncomfortable at first, but with guidance and support it will get easier over time. Be gentle with yourself as you're learning a new skill. You are worth it!

~Nicole Hutchison, PT, CSCS, Holistic Health & Integrative Nutrition Coach


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