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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Reiki is energy guided by intention. In other words, intention is the driving force to move energy. I’ve always said that the best massage therapists are the ones who hold positive intents for their clients while working on them, because the recipient can feel that intent. It is a discipline that I have learned to respect and master, to provide the best service to my clients as a Reiki Practitioner and Massage Therapist.

When receiving Reiki, our thoughts are powerful. Does that mean what we think, we will have? No, not necessarily. We also have to have trust in the outcome. Once you have set the intent, trust will keep you from blocking the energy. For example, if you want to receive reiki to help with pain but in your mind you are skeptical, thinking, “how is this going to work? I really doubt I can get out of pain.” Your own mind blocks the energy from working. It also is not dependent on hope, or wishing. There must be a trust that makes the energy shift and create change.

Free will is part of the concept. We all have the ability and the power to direct intentions the way we want to. When I come up against an obstacle, I think, “What would be the hurt in believing it's true?” Could it be fear of disappointment? Would I prefer to be in pain, rather than be disappointed when it doesn’t work? Olympic Gold medalists have spoken on free will and the powers of intention and truth. They knew early on, could feel it, sense it, and knew that they would receive the highest honor because they were open to it. Their intentions matched their result, and they never considered doubting themselves.

As a Reiki Practitioner, I see energy like water. It comes in many forms but it is everywhere, even though we cannot see it. When energy goes out of balance--either overactive or deficient--as a practitioner I connect with this unlimited source of life force energy with intent to flow into the areas needing balance. It has no distance, space or time limitations. I can send the intention and start the energy flowing, and that is where it takes off and goes where it needs to go or can be received by the receiver. It really cannot be forced. I am merely facilitating and attending to the receiver, experiencing where the energy is going, using my skilled hands to feel the ebb and flow of this process.

I have worked on individuals who have blocked energy coming in, and it feels as if a door has been slammed shut. But the work does not end there. The energy is set with intention to the level at which it can be received, even if not making its way into the body but only to the energy fields surrounding the body. Later, if that door should open, the energy has been invited in and healing or change occurs.

The recipient is the actual “healer” in Reiki. The recipient is the one who gives permission and allows the shift to happen, accepting the energy and opening the door to change.

One of the best reiki sessions I have received helped me to open the door, the door I could not find for myself. Once opened, I could work on myself, showing myself the love I had for my journey which was vital to complete and move through the healing process. Because love is the highest vibration we can employ, once the door(s) of energy opens, we can expand our energy fields and reach places within us and outside of us, seeing the truth of our experience and existence, reconnecting to our mind, body and spirit which makes us feel whole and accepted. Love should exist for ourselves, but for many it is to give love or to receive love, which can put a different energy around such conceptual learning. Love should be felt in us, for us and by us, for love is the key to healing and it is the highest vibration in which to connect.

How healing takes place is a matter of connecting with our creatorship and aligning with the world. It is within our capabilities to generate a life with no self-doubt, no insufficiencies, no inadequacies, no fear, shame or guilt. None of these are vibrations that create wholeness. The mind--also referred to as ego--has all the chatter. It’s active, and distracts us from our wholeness. Through the process of reiki, one can reconnect the body, mind and spirit.

~Julie Haufe, LMT and Reiki Master

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