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Learning to Say NO!

Are you a people pleaser, always saying yes when you want to say no? Do you believe it is selfish to set your own needs as a priority most of the time? Do you say yes only to regret it later? To say yes when we want and need to say no can lead us to overcommit, over schedule and guide us into situations that do not serve us well. This can be a significant cause of life stress and even lead to serious illness.

Not all things or people deserve a yes from you. One of the great lessons in life is to learn to say no without guilt or making excuses. It takes courage to say no when you are under pressure to say yes—and we do get pressured—but to do so only means you are prioritizing your own well-being.

When our priorities and values are not in alignment with our decisions and actions, we create disharmony and stress for our minds, bodies, and spirit. Become well acquainted with your priorities and values and then set firm boundaries for actions that support your souls’ desires. Those who care about you will respect you and your boundaries. Those who have gotten used to you always saying yes may be surprised or even angry but stand your ground!

Know for certain what gives your life meaning and purpose. By following your true desires, you will begin to have more time and energy for the people and activities that are of real value to you.

Who or what do you need to say NO to more often so you can begin to say YES to yourself?

Blessings and Live Well ~ Coach Linda

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