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I want to go to the gym and workout, but is it safe to do so with COVID-19?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

No doubt COVID-19 has been a challenge for people worldwide. Many experts are beginning to recommend that people start to treat their daily routine as they would during the influenza season, depending on their relative risk of infection and complications should they become sick. If you are at low risk, ie. healthy, not of advanced age, no advanced heart disease, diabetes, or morbid obesity, then focus on regular hand washing, staying home if you're ill, getting plenty of sleep, adequate hydration, excellent nutrition and personalized supplementation.

If your choice for exercise is to go to the gym, follow normal precautions including wiping down equipment before and after use and more frequent hand washing. It is not recommended to exercise with a mask on as it can inhibit breathing and oxygenation and exhalation of CO2. If you choose to exercise in a group setting, do not join in a group class if you are feeling ill in any way. If you have no symptoms, the likelihood of you already being infected with coronavirus is low, but always use normal sanitation precautions. The health benefits of regular exercise, social interaction and good nutrition seem to far outweigh the risk of being exposed to coronavirus and the risk of complications in healthy individuals.

We will continue to offer classes at Statera and for the safety of everyone, we will ask all ill patients to refrain from participating. We have increased our sterilization practices and we will run at 50% capacity to allow for adequate social distancing. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Lawrence Hutchison, MD, Medical Director at Statera

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