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I often feel bloated and gassy after eating. Could this be food sensitivity?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

There are several types of reactions to foods. Allergies are characterized by swelling of the throat or rashes, making them easy to detect. Sensitivities may be harder to pinpoint. Patients often note bloating, gas, inflammation or fatigue after consuming foods they are sensitive to. Others notice changes in skin or headaches related to dietary choices. Food sensitivity testing may be the answer to this problem.

If symptoms are caused by foods, it makes sense that eliminating the triggers will reduce the symptoms. This is called an elimination diet. Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal and we are able to overcome some sensitivities through the elimination diet. However, it can be difficult to determine what to eliminate and for how long the foods should be avoided.

Statera contracts exclusively with Precision Medical for food sensitivity testing. The information provided through this laboratory is invaluable. With a simple blood test, an evaluation for 88 of the most common food triggers is performed. A comprehensive report is then provided that breaks down your sensitivities. This test stands out from its competitors by providing a detailed list of which foods your immune system can tolerate, which to eat occasionally and which to avoid. At this point, an elimination diet can be utilized for a three to six-month span before attempting to re-introduce foods. If you are struggling with symptoms that could be food-related, I would encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider and ask if food sensitivity testing is right for you.

~Emily Roling, Nurse Practitioner

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