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Essential Oils for Travel

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Looking forward to traveling again this summer? Many of us are looking forward to life getting back to normal after social distancing and staying close to home for so long. It is always exciting to explore a new vacation spot, but there can also be added worry and stress on your adventure. The amazing memories made are well worth a little worry, but it never hurts to prepare in advance for what you may encounter on your trip. You may have never considered taking essential oils with you on vacation, but these oils and suggestions for use might just make your trip more enjoyable.

Car Sickness: Nothing can ruin a beautiful vacation day faster than a bout with car sickness. Whatever your mode of transportation, you can get a feeling of nausea. Fennel and ginger can settle your stomach by sipping a cup of warm water with a drop of these oils.

Head/neck Tension: A mixture of one drop peppermint and lavender with a little carrier oil or lotion applied to the back of your neck can help to ease head tension and keep you alert while traveling. Peppermint can also aid in keeping the body cool when overheated.

Quality Sleep: Travel can mean a change in your sleep schedule. Lavender has been studied for its benefits to aid in sleep by relaxing the nervous system. Bring along a travel size diffuser and add a few drops of lavender to help prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Insect Bites: Lavender is great for insect bites. Just dab directly on the bite and the itching will stop.

Bed Bugs: Let’s hope we never encounter these on our travels, but a Purdue study recommends thyme, lemongrass, clove and basil as effective deterrents. To deter bed bugs try filling a small spray bottle with distilled water and one tablespoon 90% rubbing alcohol and 5 drops of each of these oils, and pack in your suitcase safely in a Ziplock bag. When you arrive at your hotel, shake the mixture and spray the bed frame, corners and crevices. If you actually see the bugs, it is probably best to find a different hotel!

Sore Muscles: Active vacations can lead us to do physical activities out of the ordinary such as hiking, rock climbing or water skiing--now your body hurts! As a massage therapist for over 15 years, I recommend using a topical ointment with essential oils for pain as the best therapeutic treatment for sore muscles and inflammation.

Planning ahead and packing key essential oils can take the worries out of travel and help you enjoy your summer vacation!

Julie Haufe, LMT and Essential Oils Certified Specialist

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