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Do You Need A Little More HYGGE in Your Life?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Did you know that Danish people are consistently ranked as the happiest people in the world? Since my dad's parents came to the US from Denmark in the early 1900's, I wanted to understand why? That is when I discovered HYGGE. Pronounced Hoo-ga, it has been defined as "the art of creating intimacy", "coziness of the soul", the "absence of annoyance", "pleasure from soothing things", "cozy togetherness" and even "cocoa by candlelight." Obviously, HYGGE is about creating a feeling, an atmosphere or an experience. You know you are experiencing HYGGE when you feel it. I view HYGGE as the ultimate example of living fully and joyfully in the moment.

So how do we create more HYGGE in our lives? Here are a few things to consider.

  • Atmosphere: Turn down the lights and bring out the candles. Bring nature inside. when you can.

  • Presence: Be Here Now! Turn off the technology and quiet the noise.

  • Pleasure: Coffee, good chocolate, cakes, cookies, comfort food, pleasing scents, soft blankets, comfortable shoes and clothes.

  • Equality: "WE" over "ME."

  • Gratitude: Acknowledge it--express it--often.

  • Harmony: It is not a competition. Give peace a chance.

  • Comfort: Slow down, get comfy and relax. Casual is key!

  • Truce: No Drama Zone!

  • Togetherness: Build relationships and interpersonal connections.

  • Shelter: Designing your home as a sanctuary of safety and comfort.

HYGGE is about savoring each moment and savoring the simple pleasures in life. Positive emotions matter to our overall well-being, so look back at your day. Did you laugh? Did you feel happy? Did you give and receive love? HYGGE is about living in the NOW, how to savor the immediate moment and make the best of it. I can make many connections between what brings me joy and peace and the Danish lifestyle. Are you ready to bring a little more HYGGE into your life?

Wishing you the experience of HYGGE,

Coach Linda

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