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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Updated: Apr 30

As people age their hormone levels naturally begin to decline, in a process called Menopause for women and Andropause for men. Unfortunately for many people, that decline begins at a relatively young age and they begin to experience an array of symptoms normally associated with advanced age. Many people with low or out of balance hormones experience symptoms of brain fog, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, anxiety, depression, low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, poor exercise tolerance and delayed recovery, and glucose intolerance/diabetes.

These same hormones have been shown to directly affect bone density, sugar metabolism, cholesterol profiles and different functions of the brain including energy levels, moods and cognitive functions. They are what keeps you feeling young and vital. Research has shown that low hormone levels are associated with increased cardiovascular risk and mortality, increases in bad cholesterol, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, osteoporosis, fatigue, anemia, cognitive decline, the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms, and a shorter life expectancy.

Bio-identical hormones have been studied extensively and safely used since 1935, with fewer of the negative side effects that synthetics hormones and inferior delivery systems have been known to produce. Conventional hormonal treatments are administered by patches, injections or rubbing gels in or onto your body. Commonly, these treatments use synthetic hormones that are not real hormones, but rather imperfect mimics of natural hormones. There can be many side effects from using these products and they can end up creating as many symptoms as they relieve. These options are a one size fits all solution from big pharmaceutical companies and do not properly adjust the ratios of hormones nor provide a natural and steady delivery method into the body.

Remaining healthy into old age depends on many things including lifestyle and genetics. It also makes perfect sense to replenish what the body needs. That’s why we supplement vitamins and minerals. It’s also why we recommend BHRT to restore this internal balance with a natural hormone substances and a precision delivery method to transport them through the blood stream around the clock. In our opinion, the safest, most effective and convenient method is properly administered bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) using pellet implants. This method has been safely used for decades, allowing many people to experience the life-changing impacts of therapeutic hormone levels using bio-identical hormone pellet implant therapy that eliminates guesswork, and allows us to tailor your hormone replacement according to your specific needs.

BHRT with pellet implants is a remarkably simple and hassle-free therapy that can return you to the balance and vitality of healthy hormone levels. It can give you back your life – naturally.

~Dr. Lawrence Hutchison, MD, Medical Director at Statera

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