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Are supplements worth it? How do I know what I should be taking?

It can be overwhelming walking into the supplement aisle. There are so many brands and options, it can be confusing where to start. There are a few guidelines that may help navigating where to begin easier.

For all supplements, quality matters. Unfortunately, supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Some manufacturers add fillers and inactive ingredients, which will not give you the results you are looking for. At Statera, we are proud to offer Orthomolecular products. This brand is known for their high quality and rigorous ingredient standards. Natural Grocers and Whittman’s in Dubuque also offer high quality brands.

I encourage everyone to begin with supplements that promote gut health and proper digestion. This includes a probiotic with 20 billion units and 7 strains, fiber, vitamin D and vitamin B12. This will help extract the nutrients from our food and promote energy production at the cellular level. Other supplements may be suggested depending on health history, family history and lifestyle.

~Emily Roling, NP

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