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What is Mat Pilates?

Mat Pilates is a low-impact movement that focuses on strengthening your core while also toning and strengthening your entire body. It assists with posture and balance and increases scapular stability and total body flexibility. Although Mat Pilates requires less equipment than other versions of Pilates, it can actually be more challenging as it's just you, your mat and your own body weight. No springs for support!

By incorporating Mat Pilates into your weekly routine, you will be more aware of your posture and you will experience a deeper awareness of everyday movement. You'll feel stronger physically and mentally, growing more confident in your balance and experiencing less aches and pains. Almost everyone can benefit from mat Pilates! Men and women, both young and aging.

The only limitation of Mat Pilates is that you must be able to get up and down onto a mat on the floor. Everything can be modified to some degree, but if it is difficult for you to lay on the floor or get back up after being on the floor then you may want to begin with Equipment Based Pilates (EBP) instead of Mat Pilates. We move into several different floor positions including hands and knees, supine (on your back), prone (lying on your stomach) and side lying. If any of these positions seems like it will be uncomfortable or not doable for you, then EBP will be a better fit.

Not sure which Pilates style may be best for you? Consider scheduling a private one-on-one, duet or small group session. Call 563-207-8932 to get started!

~Shannon Hummel, Pilates Instructor

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