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My baby is struggling with bottle feeding. Who can I see for help?

As an IBCLC, I work with families who feed at the breast and with bottles, so I’m able to assist with bottle-feeding challenges as well as breastfeeding challenges. An IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) is skilled in many areas—breastfeeding challenges, bottle-feeding (breastmilk and formula), supplementing, weight gain issues, oral challenges such as tongue and lip ties, pumping and flange-fitting, and more.

Regarding bottle-feeding, when we think about the traditional way a baby is fed with a bottle (laying down in a parent’s arm and the bottle is held with the nipple pointing down into baby’s mouth), baby’s often struggle with the fast flow of milk. I work with families to show them new ways to offer a bottle, as well as different types of bottles that work well for babies. Sometimes, the type of nipple can cause babies to struggle with the flow of milk or with removing milk from the bottle. There are different nipple shapes and flow rates to be considered when feeding a baby. If a baby is leaking milk or clicking while eating, there may be oral issues that need to be addressed, such as tongue or lip tie or tension in baby’s jaw or mouth. If you notice your baby struggling to eat from a bottle, a consultation with an IBCLC is recommended.

~Becky Franzen is an IBCLC with a master’s degree in lactation and health and wellness at Statera Integrated Health and Wellness. She counsels families with babies of all ages on a variety of aspects related to feeding. To learn more or to schedule, please visit or call 563-207-8932.

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