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Don't Make Resolutions

With the new year, I'm hearing a lot of talk about new year's resolutions. A recent Forbes poll reports that, "62% say they feel pressured to set a new year’s resolution," yet in the same poll Forbes found that, "the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months." So if new year's resolutions don't work, is it possible to make the lifestyle changes we want to make?

Habits develop naturally over time, and with repetition become deeply ingrained and can be difficult to change. This can be a positive thing if we're talking about brushing your teeth, or it can be a negative thing if the habit doesn't support your mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health in some way. Take some time to think about your personal habits, and highlight the ones you would like to change. Let's focus on just ONE of those habits.

Why do you want to change this habit? How will your life be different if you change this habit? Will it be worth it to change this habit? Make sure the habit you've selected is one that is really important to you. It's important that this is a habit you want to change for you and not for someone else, and that you feel like the work it will take to change this habit will be well worth it.

Now where to start. Think simple. One of my favorite books is Atomic Habits by James Clear. Learn how Atomic Habits works here. I have found this system to be a great resource in my life and for my clients. Be specific in your plan, and enlist some accountability. Tell a friend or loved one who can offer support along the way. Change is possible. Set yourself up for success this year.

~Nicole Hutchison, PT, CSCS, Holistic Health & Integrative Nutrition Coach


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