"I live with an autoimmune disorder. Massage, fire-cupping, and the use of essential oils have helped me refrain from autoimmune suppressant drugs for years. My improved circulation and freedom from pain from these treatments have greatly improved my wellness. Statera provides all these life-changing opportunities!"

— Anne Powell


"Dr. Lindsey is a miracle worker and just awesome to work with in general!  So knowledgeable and I am happy to still be pain free after working with her!  I was a 28 year old very active person with significant back pain due to a chronic injury.  After working with Dr. Lindsey I have been able to keep up my active lifestyle with little to no pain. (And when I do have pain she taught me how to fix it).  Also love that at Statera Dr. Lynn Randall (Chiropractor) and Dr. Lindsey (PT) worked together on a care plan for me.   Cannot recommend highly enough."

— Anonymous

"Malia is great at teaching the anti gravity class, full of energy and very upbeat.  This class allowed my body to stretch my muscles without the soreness of weight lifting.  Typically when I workout, my body flares up and makes it hard for me to function days after.  However, this class was not too hard on my body,  I felt rejuvenated and relaxed instead of tense.   I enjoyed all of the exercises, however, the flipping and hanging upside down were my favorite.  This class brought me much joy as it reminded me of being a kid playing on the monkey bars and trying new and exciting things.  I look forward to continue learning new techniques in this class.  Thanks Malia!"

— Lori Pettigout


"I started taking Pilates because I was driving 50,000 miles a year and was starting to struggle with back pain and posture. As a Pilates instructor, Sue Webber is amazing. Sue customizes my workouts to make it as challenging as it can be while keeping it safe and pushing my comfort zone.  She even customizes my workout to fit my lifestyle choices - such as a golf weekend. I wish more men would realize that Pilates is  NOT just for women - it’s for people who want whole-body flexibility, core strength and health. It’s been life-changing for me."

— Tom McCoy


"Statera has changed my life!  The therapists and staff are amazing!  For almost a year I have struggled with headaches. After seeing Dr. Hutchison, and realizing that my headaches are stress related, he recommended massage and counseling.  After one massage session with Julie Haufe, my headaches have gone away. It’s amazing and I feel so much better. I will continue to see her on a monthly basis.   Counseling with Candice has taught me a lot in a few short weeks. Ways to manage stress and ways to really help me keep growing in life! I look forward to our sessions every other week.  Thank You Statera for everything you do to help me be a healthier happier person :)"

— Anonymous


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