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    • What type of Chiropractic does Dr. Randall practice and how does it differ from other Chiropractors?

      We are blessed to have a large number of highly skilled Chiropractors in the tri-state area. I offer both hands on adjustments and low force instrument adjusting techniques depending on the patient’s condition and needs. I also provide soft tissue techniques such as Graston Technique, which is helpful with scar tissue, athletic injuries, chronic muscle tightness and TMJ dysfunction. Other treatment options that I utilize are infa-red biomat and cold laser therapy, both of which can be helpful in treating acute injuries and chronic conditions to help with pain and healing. I treat all ages, from infants to adults, including women during pregnancy. Throughout my 20-year career, I have valued the importance of a collaborative, mind-body approach to health care. Because of my belief in this holistic philosophy, I have frequently referred patients to other healthcare providers. Clear and timely communication with how a patient is progressing is important, but often the communication between healthcare professionals would stop once the referral was made. When I had the opportunity to expand my practice at Statera two years ago, it was quickly obvious to me that Statera is not only a building with multiple providers, but a community of practitioners who truly embrace co-treating and communicating with each other for the best interest and health of our patients, mind, body and spirit! I take great pride in being a part of the collaborative environment that we embody at Statera. Our Care Team meets in person twice monthly to discuss patients that we are co-treating, assess our treatment effectiveness and communicate what we can do to further move our clients toward a healthier future. We focus on both the treatment and prevention of illnesses as well as giving our patients the tools to live healthy lifestyles. Chiropractic care plays a vital role in any wellness plan and my passion is to work with individuals to help them reach optimal health. Dr. Randall has also earned a Nutritional Counseling Certification and is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, which further supports her holistic approach to helping her patients achieve optimal health and wellness. If you are interested in beginning Chiropractic care or in search of a new Chiropractic practitioner, Dr. Randall is currently accepting new clients and would welcome the opportunity to serve you. Dr. Lynn Randall Doctor of Chiropractic

    • What is music therapy?

      I’ve heard about music therapy and am intrigued, but am confused about what populations would benefit from a 1:1 session. Can you clarify for me? Music therapy can be tricky to define because of the broad spectrum of populations served. I think we can agree - if you are a human, you are influenced by music to some degree. The unique nature of music therapy versus any other beneficial therapies, is that music doesn’t live in one “center” of the brain. When engaged in music making, it has been found that nearly 90% of the brain is active. In this way, it is up to the creativity of the music therapist to utilize music in a way that is most beneficial to the client. If the client has a speech need, we can make a song to target vocalizations or specific sounds/words. If the client has a physical need, the rhythm of the music provides a framework for movement to fit into, thus increasing repetitions/durations of the movement. If the need is emotional, we can tap into the expressive nature of music making. If cognitive, create/utilize songs to increase development &/or attention. If it is behavioral, find their preferred instrument choice and use as a reward for positive behaviors. The sky's the limit with music, but here is a list of example populations that, if you or someone you know fit into, may benefit from music therapy: Developmental disabilities (including Autism, Apraxia, Down Syndrome, Speech delay, TBI, regaining function following incident/disease/disorder), Parkinsons, Stroke Victims, Depression/Anxiety/Trauma, Alzheimers. Whatever the case, if you have a question concerning music therapy, contact Callie Mescher ( - she is a board certified music therapist that has specialized training in Neurologic Music Therapy.

    • Real Talk About Women’s Health

      A group of moms sip their coffee or tea as their children play.  One mom jokes about how she hasn't jumped on a trampoline since she had 7-year old Molly, who flips in the air and lands on her feet.  “Oh, how I miss those days; being able to jump without soaking my underwear.  I’ve learned the hard way to just put a pad on if I’m going to do any jumping.” They all laugh, but Amy who’s second child is just 10 months has been trying to get back to running, but it always results in bladder pressure and leaking.    She feels gross when she runs, and this activity that once provided stress relief has now become a source of anxiety for her.  She had been trying to find the courage to open up to her friends about it, but now hearing the laughter decides to stay quiet. On the other side of her Janeen forces a chuckle but has to excuse herself because ever since she had her youngest who is 2, she has felt an unusual sensation of heaviness in her vagina.  It has brought her great anguish, and while she can fake a laugh for a moment, she feels herself getting choked up and needs a moment alone to compose herself.  She has been silently suffering and has only mentioned it to her doctor who did a pelvic exam and told her everything looked fine Beth is sitting across the room nursing her first who is only 6 months.  The tone of the room changes as she asks, “How long does intercourse continue to hurt after giving birth?”.  Beth had a 3-degree tear during her vaginal delivery.  The other women look at each other speechless.  None of them knew this could be a complication from childbirth, and they are not sure how to answer her question, or where to send her for help. These stories are way too common but seldom talked about.  What none of these moms realize is that there are solutions for the women’s health issues they are experiencing.  While bladder leakage may be common in the postpartum and menopause years, it is something that can be treated.  A feeling of vaginal heaviness is typically indicative of some descent of the pelvic organs, and while it may not be a true pelvic organ prolapse where the organ bulges out of the vaginal opening, it certainly can cause symptoms and impair quality of life.  Painful intercourse affects many women not only postpartum but even women who have not had children.  These are just a few conditions commonly treated with women’s health physical therapy.  Taking the time to seek help for women’s issues can be life-changing.  So the next time you sit with your girlfriends bravely share if need to, find support, and seek help through women’s health physical therapy or other women’s health specialists. ~Leslie Kremer, DPT, LLC

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    • Stories of Hope and Healing | Statera, LLC

      "I live with an autoimmune disorder. Massage, fire-cupping, and the use of essential oils have helped me refrain from autoimmune suppressant drugs for years. My improved circulation and freedom from pain from these treatments have greatly improved my wellness. Statera provides all these life-changing opportunities!" — Anne Powell "Dr. Lindsey is a miracle worker and just awesome to work with in general! So knowledgeable and I am happy to still be pain free after working with her! I was a 28 year old very active person with significant back pain due to a chronic injury. After working with Dr. Lindsey I have been able to keep up my active lifestyle with little to no pain. (And when I do have pain she taught me how to fix it). Also love that at Statera Dr. Lynn Randall (Chiropractor) and Dr. Lindsey (PT) worked together on a care plan for me. Cannot recommend highly enough." — Anonymous "Malia is great at teaching the anti gravity class, full of energy and very upbeat. This class allowed my body to stretch my muscles without the soreness of weight lifting. Typically when I workout, my body flares up and makes it hard for me to function days after. However, this class was not too hard on my body, I felt rejuvenated and relaxed instead of tense. I enjoyed all of the exercises, however, the flipping and hanging upside down were my favorite. This class brought me much joy as it reminded me of being a kid playing on the monkey bars and trying new and exciting things. I look forward to continue learning new techniques in this class. Thanks Malia!" — Lori Pettigout "I started taking Pilates because I was driving 50,000 miles a year and was starting to struggle with back pain and posture. As a Pilates instructor, Sue Webber is amazing. Sue customizes my workouts to make it as challenging as it can be while keeping it safe and pushing my comfort zone. She even customizes my workout to fit my lifestyle choices - such as a golf weekend. I wish more men would realize that Pilates is NOT just for women - it’s for people who want whole-body flexibility, core strength and health. It’s been life-changing for me." — Tom McCoy "Statera has changed my life! The therapists and staff are amazing! For almost a year I have struggled with headaches. After seeing Dr. Hutchison, and realizing that my headaches are stress related, he recommended massage and counseling. After one massage session with Julie Haufe, my headaches have gone away. It’s amazing and I feel so much better. I will continue to see her on a monthly basis. Counseling with Candice has taught me a lot in a few short weeks. Ways to manage stress and ways to really help me keep growing in life! I look forward to our sessions every other week. Thank You Statera for everything you do to help me be a healthier happier person :)" ​ ​ — Anonymous

    • Home | Statera Integrated Health and Wellness Solutions, LLC

      Breathe. Inhale hope. Exhale healing. Mind, body, spirit health & wellness. Discover About Statera Traditional medicine. Holistic health. At Statera we bring traditional medicine, holistic healing, fitness, nutrition, and yoga together under one roof to fully address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our multidisciplinary team of providers are here to work together to assure you receive the personalized care you and your family deserve. We look forward to supporting you in your lifelong journey for optimal health and wellness mind, body and spirit! Meet Our Providers What We Specialize In Learn More Integrative Medicine Healthy Lifestyle Education Growing Healthy Families Mind, Body, Spirit Health Personalized Wellness Plans The Journey Toward Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today. Book A FREE Consultation "I am forever grateful for Dr. Randall and Leslie for their partnership and helping me find relief. Statera Integrated Health and Wellness made that happen. I couldn’t ask for better collaborative care all under one roof!" - Tera "Malia's pilates sessions really made a difference in my balance and strength. She made me work and got me to stretch into positions that improved my flexibility." - Mike "The massage therapy with Julie is truly therapy. It compliments the fitness classes and physical therapy by stretching and loosening muscles that might be tight or sore from increasing flexibility and strength." - John Podcasts and Library Listen to our latest episode! Read our latest post! Visit Us On Instagram

    • Resources | Statera, LLC

      Shop ​ We offer a wide variety of products to support you in your health and wellness--mind, body, and spirit. Visit us in person, or shop online for the following brands! ​ doTERRA Essential Oils Blissoma Organic Skincare Beautycounter Makeup Ortho Molecular Products Isagenix Gift Cards Learn More On-demand Resources Our multidisciplinary team of providers enjoys publishing learning opportunities for you to enjoy from home. Podcast Library Virtual Tour, Meet Our Providers Learn with Our Providers Guided Meditations Just for Kids Finding Calm in the Storm World Pilates Day 2020 International Day of Yoga 2020 Stories of Hope & Healing We are grateful to have clients share their "Stories of Hope and Healing" as testimonials for us. Let us know if you have a story you would like to share! You're welcome to share your story anonymously if you prefer. View Now Search, In the News, Contact Us, FAQs Search Our Site Newsworthy Contact Us Join Our Team FAQs

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