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  • What may be causing my fatigue and low energy?

    Fatigue and low energy are two symptoms that can have a wide variety of causes. Simple blood testing can determine if your fatigue is caused by an issue with the thyroid gland, anemia or vitamin deficiency. In other individuals, low serotonin levels can be the cause of fatigue. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that impacts our overall mood, health and wellbeing. Our stress, diet and exposure to sunlight can impact natural serotonin levels. Low serotonin can create a variety of conditions ranging from depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, fatigue or nausea. Unfortunately, serotonin blood testing is not readily available and diagnosis is usually made based on symptoms. Luckily, there are simple lifestyle changes that can be made to support your serotonin levels. Start by checking your diet. Try to avoid simple sugars and processed foods. Increase fiber intake and consider the addition of a good probiotic to optimize gut health. Next, evaluate how much fluid you are taking in. The goal for proper hydration is to drink approximately half of your body weight in non-caffeinated or alcoholic beverages daily. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Work up to 45 minutes a day in a combination of strength and cardio training. Supplements may also be beneficial in combating fatigue and low energy. Many people in the upper United States struggle to maintain their vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is created in our body through exposure to sunlight. During the winter months, it is extremely difficult for our bodies to keep up with demand for this vitamin D without additional supplementation. Contact your healthcare provider for personalized recommendations. The B vitamins are also important to overall health, wellbeing and optimal functioning and supplementation of these should also be considered. If you are experiencing fatigue or low energy, contact your healthcare provider for further recommendations on testing and to develop a treatment plan that gets you feeling more like yourself again! ~Emily Roling, Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Habit Stacking Your Way to Wellness

    Have you ever had the desire to create a new habit but you find yourself forgetting to perform the activity or finding any other excuse not to complete it? Habit stacking may make creating new habits easier to implement into your daily schedule. The idea of habit stacking comes from Atomic Habits author, James Clear who explains just why it works for our adult brains that can be "set in their ways". According to Clear, habit stacking is effective because of a process in our brains called synaptic pruning. "Synapses are connections between the neurons in your brain. The basic idea is that your brain prunes away connections between neurons that don't get used and builds up connections that get used more frequently," says Clear. He continues, "Synaptic pruning occurs with every habit you build. As we've covered, your brain builds a strong network of neurons to support your current behaviors. The more you do something, the stronger and more efficient the connection becomes." So how does synaptic pruning tie into habit stacking? When utilizing habit stacking to form a new habit, you'll want to stack whatever your desired new habit is onto a habit that you're already doing frequently (one that has strong synaptic connections in your brain) . For example, if your desired new habit is meditation in the morning and you already brush your teeth each morning, your goal would simply be that every morning after you set your toothbrush down after completing that habit, you will immediately find a place to sit down and meditate for 5 minutes. Having your desired new habit scheduled into your current daily routine on top of another habit eliminates many of the common excuses that we allow ourselves when trying to start a new habit and allows for consistency to build that strong synaptic connection. Until next time, Coach Bri

  • Mindful Listening With An Open Heart

    When was the last time you felt truly heard? When was the last time you were listening to someone only to realize you were distracted and completely lost the person's message? Have you ever poured your heart out to someone only to have them check a message on their watch? For many of us, it is rare to find someone who listens without trying to plan a response, fix the issue or quickly move on to their own set of problems. We all want and need to be heard, acknowledged and supported--without assumptions or judgement. Listening is something seemingly so simple, yet so powerfully healing. There is an old saying that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listening with open ears, mind and heart is an incredible gift we can give another person and, hopefully, receive that gift in return. Mindful listening is listening beyond the words being spoken and allowing our souls to understand, connect, and accept one another. It is a heart-to-heart connection. Mindful listening engages our mind, body and spirit. Here are a few suggestions to help you practice mindful listening. Set your intention to listen with love and understanding. Do not jump in to fix or make comments unless asked. You are not there to fix anything, only to show understanding and compassion. Stay in the present moment and out of your own thoughts. Don't plan your response, just speak from the heart when appropriate. Give your full attention and focus on listening for understanding. Turn off all devices and eliminate distractions. Give the gift of your time. If someone needs to talk and you only have a few minutes before a meeting, be honest, set another time to visit and follow through. To be sure you understand what the person is saying, ask clarifying questions. These could start with phrases such as; It sounds like... or it seems you are saying... or so you feel.... Listen without judgement or blame. Cultivate empathy and compassion--even if you may not agree with what is being shared. The next time you ask someone, how are you doing?, actually stop and listen to the response. If you have a person in your life who gives you the gift of an open heart, be sure to reciprocate with the same gift. Simply holding space for someone to be heard can be powerful and nurturing. Blessings, and Be Well, Coach Linda

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