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You Were Never Meant to Be Alone

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

At our monthly all-team meetings, we take turns opening the group in a "mindful moment." This time can be for breathwork, meditation, thoughtful quotes or other options to center each of us and bring focus to our time together. Tonia, our Ayurveda Health Counselor at Statera, shared the following writing by Elizabeth Gilbert to open our November meeting, and I would now like to take this opportunity to share it with you. Enjoy!

From Elizabeth Gilbert….

Today, as Brene and I walked together along the Sydney Harbor, we kept seeing this amazing sight – people jogging together in pairs, each person holding on to the other with a short tether. “Why are they holding on to each other like that?” we kept wondering aloud. After all, it seems a bit awkward to exercise while you’re right next to somebody else and holding them close to you with a short bit of rope.

After a while, we finally realized what was going on. In each situation, one member of the running pair was disabled (vision impaired it seemed in most cases) and the other person was running beside them, holding on to them with a tether, so that the disabled person wouldn’t stumble or fall off the trail.

How beautiful is that?

It did not seem accidental that, as I walked beside my wise friend Brene – reveling in her humor and her perspective – that we would keep passing so many other people who were also traveling side by-side, tethered together, guiding each other along, helping each other through, allowing each other to be outside enjoying the bright sunny day safely.

Because that’s what we are all here for right?

Because really, we’re all just taking turns leading each other and guiding each other along the path. Sometimes we are the one who needs the tether; other times, we are the one offering guidance. I also loved this: In so many cases this morning with the Achilles group runners, I couldn’t immediately tell which person was the disabled one, and which person was leading. Everyone was wearing sunglasses; everyone was making progress; everyone looked the same. I could identify completely with both parties. But nobody was alone. That’s the important thing.

How many times have we heard Brene say that we were never meant to travel and struggle through this life alone?

We need our teachers, we need our friends, we need our guides, we need our sisters and brothers. Whether you are the one reaching out right now and asking for help in life, or whether you are the one who is pulling everyone along (we have all played both roles at times, and we will all switch it up again in the future) I send you my blessings on this gorgeous day.

I am grateful for all the tethers that keep me on my path – and that includes this bright spot of light, Ms. Brene Brown.

Onward, LG

Learn more about Elizabeth Gilbert:

Learn more about Brene Brown:

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