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"When you can't SEE the light, BE the light."

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

At the end of this unsettling year that we have shared with our brothers and sisters around the world, it can feel as if there is nothing within our control. We wait for a vaccine to arrive and are grateful that when it does, more people may avoid illness or death. I have been thinking about how easy it is to become enveloped in fear and anger in this time of crisis and how many people are living in deep despair and grief. Then I remembered a quote that I love, "When you can't SEE the light, BE the light."

We all have that light within us and the ability to shine our light for those struggling in the darkness. When we share our light with others, our own path is illuminated. So what can we do today and in the next few weeks to spread our light?

  • Share simple acts of love and kindness--a smile, a sincere compliment, letting someone go ahead of you in a long line or just opening a door.

  • What special gifts do you have that you could use to help someone out? A day of baby sitting, dog sitting, baking, gift wrapping, caroling or cleaning?

  • Send a small gift or flower to someone who does not expect it.

  • Listen intently to someone without interrupting. I guarantee that will be a unique gift.

  • Send a handwritten note or pick up the phone and talk with someone. you have lost touch with. Texts don't count!

  • Send a healing prayer for someone who is hurting.

  • Open your heart in some small way to someone who has hurt you.

You have the power to make someone's day brighter and who knows, they may pay it forward and you will have started a beautiful light show!

Be The Light,

Coach Linda

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