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What is tennis elbow and what can I do to fix it?

Do you enjoy playing tennis, pickleball, or other racquet sports in the summer but you have pain near your elbow? Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) refers to a painful condition where the tendons that attach to the outside aspect of the elbow are overloaded, usually from repetitive movements from the wrist or arm. Although it is referred to as tennis elbow, pain on the outside of the elbow and top of the forearm is also commonly caused from repetitive activities such as typing, chopping, painting, and using tools to name a few. The motion of flicking your wrist causes repeated stress to the muscles and tendons that help control and slow down the force you exert when performing these activities. If you are having pain on the outside of your elbow or forearm, you can try rehabilitation principles of ice, compression, and reduction of inflammation. If your symptoms are not improving, it may be beneficial to have an evaluation by a physical therapist to assess your arm and create a rehabilitation plan that will likely include manual therapy and specific strengthening and stretching techniques.

~Tricia Serres, DPT

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