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Use Ayurvedic concepts to help you be successful in setting and meeting your goals!

Goals. It seems you either love them, admire them, or despise them. I admire people who can set a goal and effortlessly (it seems) complete it. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out that magic formula of being inspired, setting a goal, making a plan, staying motivated, and finding success. It wasn’t until I understood my natural born tendencies (my Ayurvedic dosha) and embraced them that I was able to feel confident in setting goals.

Those people with a Pitta (fiery) type of personality can usually set a goal and be driven to meet that goal on time or early. They need little encouragement or added motivation to stay on track. Pitta people thrive under pressure and see a goal as a challenge to crush! However, it is important to consider the "like increases like" rule in Ayurveda. Adding more fire (i.e. challenges) to a fiery person can easily tip the balance until they become so driven their goals take over every aspect of life and they forget about adding some fun and relaxation.

Vata (airy) type will start off full of inspiration and creative ideas to meet goals, but can have a tendency to get distracted by new goals or inspirations and allow current goals to drop away. A Vata person may start off with a goal to climb a mountain only to get halfway up and decide they really want to finish the painting they started last week instead. They need plenty of daily reminders and gentle encouragement. Pressure and stress around meeting goals is the very opposite of what will help a Vata person stick to a plan! Vata loves freedom, fun, and above all flexibility, so create a plan that incorporates those qualities and success will be waiting.

Kapha (earth) type people usually need some time to warm up to a goal, and once they have made up their mind that it is a worthy cause they will need lots of encouragement and support to stick with the plan when the going gets tough. Kaphas do best when they join forces with others to meet a goal. Having another person to hold them accountable and share in the trials and triumphs along the way can be just the motivation to stick to a plan and see it to the end. Kapha have great qualities of endurance, they just need more consistent support.

Taking a look at your dosha (natural born constitution) can be an immense support when trying to figure out what type of tools and/or plans are going to help you be consistent and successful in setting and meeting goals.

~Tonia Mayerle, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor

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