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Try meditation. It’s easy, you just sit down and stop thinking about things…..

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I have met many people who have been trying to find a sense of calm or peace in their lives. They may be experiencing moments of anxiety from stressful events or deal with chronic pain. They hear from others that they should give meditation a try. They’ve heard it can be a fabulous tool to help themselves find calm, connect to the present moment, improve concentration, lower blood pressure, and so many more wonderful benefits. So, they give it a try. Sit and stop the thoughts from running rampant through the mind. It’s that simple, that’s all you have to do! If you’ve tried to sit and stop your thoughts, you know how hard that is to do. But don’t give up, there is a way to slow our thoughts and find calm.

There are many different styles of meditation, and you may find one easier to stay with than others. If you can find the method that works for you it is important to stay with it so you can notice the effects over time. Imagine trying to dig a well. You start digging a hole and get about three feet down with no luck of finding water. So, you walk a few feet away and start digging again, at three feet same result. You might think, “There must not be water here either, let me try another spot.” If you keep trying different spots for a short time you will probably not actually get to the water. The same idea works for finding a meditation method that works for you.

We know people have different learning styles that work better for them than others. So, we have many different methods of meditation to work with those learning styles.

  • Visualizations

  • Guided Meditations

  • Awareness Method

  • Moving Meditation

  • Concentration on Breath

  • Concentration on Sound

  • Repetition of a phrase (Mantra)

  • Progressive Relaxation and more….

Working with someone familiar with different methods of meditation can be an effective, supportive way to help you find that sense of calm, freedom from anxiety, or easing pain.

~Tonia Mayerle, Ayurveda Health Counselor

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