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The Art of Adjustment

How to give effective and safe adjustments in a pose is a fundamental and necessary skill for a yoga teacher to develop. This requires developing your observation, awareness of body mechanics, anatomy, understanding purpose of a pose, sensitive touch as well as great communication skills. Learning verbal and manual corrections and adjustments will give your students a fuller and more connected experience to their practice and help build their trust in you as an effective teacher.

In this workshop, Tonia will cover some of the basic misalignments of poses and how to correct them, verbally, with props, and with physical adjustments. We will also explore ways to help students self-adjust with clear verbal cues.

We will cover the following:

~Verbal cuing and physical adjustments

~Passive adjustments versus active adjustments

~Learning to observe before adjusting

~Reading someone's body

~Adjusting with the breath

~Alignment principals

~Using props effectively

~Boundaries and ethics of adjusting

~ Empowering students to be able to self-adjust


We will spend time in various yoga poses throughout the workshop giving and

receiving adjustments in one-on-one interaction.

Tonia Mayerle, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor


Lead Instructor & Coordinator of the YTT200 Hour for Mount Madonna Center, CA

Co-facilitator of the Yoga and Ayurveda Essentials Workshop

Certified in Trauma Informed Yoga

This workshop has been approved for 3 contact hours. Questions? Please contact

Please visit or call 563-207-8932 to view our current schedule and register in advance. Would you like to bring this workshop to your studio? Email us to learn more,

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