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Summer Running, had me a blast…

Summer is finally here! With the longer days and ample sunshine, it’s easy to get out the door to enjoy the fresh air. Living in the Midwest, we are no stranger to heat and humidity, but running in warmer temperatures physically demands more from your body. Therefore, there are additional considerations to take into account when planning your weekly runs or immediately before you head out the door. Outlined below are five simple tips to train smarter and get the most out of your summer runs while preventing or reducing the risk of overheating.

  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    1. Before, during, and after!

  2. Dress appropriately

    1. Minimal clothing

    2. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

  3. Know your route

    1. Seek shade

    2. Water breaks

  4. Slow down or adjust your pace to go by feel

  5. Run at the coolest time of the day

~Tricia Serres, DPT

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