• Bri Edwards

Remove the Guilt from Your Holiday Meals

Updated: Apr 13

We’re coming up on that time of year where guilt seeps in for the amount of food or calories we’ve consumed over the holidays. Although this guilt comes every year for many, making them feel much worse than necessary for simply enjoying a meal with family, year after year we allow this narrative of having to burn off excessive calories or restrict calories to make up for the ones we’ve eaten to take center stage. This year, I’d like to challenge you to reframe that narrative in your mind while allowing yourself to enjoy your holiday meals and then move on with your life without guilt. It’s important to understand that one meal does not make or break your health but continuing to stress over it and over-exercise for days and weeks can certainly lead to health issues. So this year, let’s look at food for what it really is - little chemical messengers telling our bodies how to perform, fuel for our everyday activities, our state of mind and especially this time of year, a means of connection and bonding. Removing the good or bad labels from food allows us to take a balanced, level-headed approach to what we decide to fuel ourselves with. The truth is, you don’t need to punish yourself for what you eat. You don’t need to exercise your way out of guilt for consuming a meal. And you don’t need to feel guilty about eating foods that you enjoy with the ones you love. Let your body lead the way and tell you what it needs throughout the holiday season by getting curious about how your body is responding to the food you’re eating, the exercise you’re incorporating and dialogue with yourself that you’re having throughout this holiday season. Until next time, Coach Bri

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