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Ready for a Spring Cleanse?

Get ready for sunshine, flowers, green, the return of the outdoor Farmer’s Market, and…pollen!

The transition that happens in May is Ayurvedically speaking a fantastic time to participate in a Spring cleanse. Move leftover Winter heaviness that may be contributing to feeling a bit stagnant through the body and mind and prepare for the lightness of Spring and Summer.

It’s important to think of eating for the season. Nature provides us with the perfect selection of foods that help us lighten up from the Winter and cleanse our bodies naturally. As the weather warms up your body isn’t in need of the heavier foods that you consume in Winter to keep you warm and nourished (such as potatoes.) Instead think of the lighter foods of Spring, bitter greens, asparagus, berries, edible flowers, and early lettuces as a few examples. Light clear broth-based soups with some warming spices are a perfect way to invigorate and refresh your body and mind.

A cleanse can also be helpful when the pollen starts to fly by assisting the liver in moving toxins through the system. Many berries contain high levels of antioxidants which help reduce stress on the liver so it can function at its best. A histamine response by the body from the invasion of pollen can initiate an inflammatory state in many ways. Now is a good time to focus on doing what you can to reduce inflammation in the body, a cleanse can help by eliminating foods that increase inflammation such as sugar and the chemicals and dyes in processed foods.

A nasal rinse in the mornings can be especially helpful if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Keeping the nasal passages clear allows the fine hairs in the nose to efficiently trap tiny particles as you breathe.

Look at the qualities of food and activities you have in your day and try to bring in the qualities you would like to embody. Light, clean, invigorating, refreshing…..Spring!

~Tonia Mayerle, Ayurveda Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor

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