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  • Amanda Wettstein

No Pain, All the Gain Using Holistic Esthetics in Dubuque

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Multitudes of benefits exist using holistic approaches to skin care.

It’s 2021 — The days of painful facial procedures and products that result in long, awkward, uncomfortable recovery times are coming to an end. You’ve seen or heard about or possibly experienced the burning skin and redness that last for days after such treatments. Certain peels and procedures can cause more harm than good as you are intentionally burning layers of your skin. Using a certified holistic esthetics business for your skin care treatments will garner the same, if not better, results that also will not create hyperpigmentation or potentially damage your skin further from invasive peels or laser treatments. Holistic treatment is a no pain, all gain philosophy. Holistic esthetics goes beyond the surface of your skin and learns about your nutrition, lifestyle and emotional factors. No longer is it okay to simply offer services or recommend a skin care product or regime without knowing more about the individual.

Holistic esthetics is growing in Dubuque as well as the country. More and more businesses are leading the trend of offering holistic, green esthetics services including proven modalities such as gua sha, manual lymph drainage, and LED light therapy. They are also using nutritious, regenerative skin care products from sustainable brands that perfectly support these ancient and modern methods.

Everyone can benefit from meeting with an esthetician but especially those with chronic issues such as acne, eczema, overactive oily skin, or even extremely dry skin. A holistic esthetician should have a consultation with you at the time of your appointment to figure out the best course of action for your individual skin. There are several reasons why you should consider working with a holistic esthetician for your skin care needs.

1. Holistic estheticians often have knowledge in complementary fields that can fast-track your natural facial results. The health of your skin consists of much more than just topical skincare products. Your skin is connected to all your body systems with each system affecting the other. Inflammatory skin conditions, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and so many other skin issues are often rooted within other body systems. The balance of your immune system, digestive system, hormones, and stress can all play a part in skin health.

2. Regularly working with an esthetician will help you follow through to achieve the beautiful results you want. Some people just see an esthetician occasionally to relax –and that’s totally fine! But, for most people, a facial treatment is not a one and-done type of situation. Clear, glowing skin requires care on an ongoing basis with proper home care and visits to a skin professional. Some estheticians will offer special discounts or packages on treatments to make them more affordable.

3. Getting a holistic facial feels great and is a healthy self-care treat. If you are looking for a sustainable and healthy way to treat yourself – investing in your health is a fantastic way to go. Often when we want to treat ourselves, we indulge in excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy sugary foods, or shop for unnecessary things. Treating yourself to natural facial treatments has no downsides and only positive results!

When looking for a holistic esthetician, look for one who works with a skin care brand of nutrient-rich products that are 100 percent natural and formulated to proactively and naturally manage a variety of skin issues. Skin care with a dedication to purity and effectiveness makes a holistic treatment well worth it. In addition, green products tend to be Certified Cruelty-Free and vegan. Add holistic facial treatments to your self care regimen to gain beautiful results.

-Amanda Wettstein, Licensed Esthetician, Microdermabrasion Certified

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