Is there any benefit to taking a live virtual fitness class rather than a pre-recorded class?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As we all do our part to practice social distancing, there are so many fitness options available to us such as YouTube, social media, facebook, and perhaps you even have a DVD laying around you haven’t used in a while—the choices can be overwhelming!

Unlike pre-recorded classes, live virtual classes or one-on-one live sessions give you the ability to see your trainer and your trainer to watch your movements to ensure safety and good form. Accountability also increases when you have your trainer “in the room” with you. If you are used to being physically active or if you are trying to get back into a “routine”, live virtual classes will help you maintain your strength, balance, flexibility and stability.

Taking live virtual classes can be beneficial during isolation for reasons other than staying strong and fit. They provide some social interaction with a group of people who may be going through a similar situation as far as isolation, anxiety, depression, boredom and monotony. Research has also shown that regular exercise, a minimum of 150 minutes per week, can boost your immune system. Any form of physical activity on a daily basis can improve your overall quality of life. More people seem to be walking and biking during isolation to get outdoors into fresh air, while maintaining safe social distance. So whether you choose to stay active through live virtual fitness classes or find other ways to stay active, the physical and mental benefits are substantial.

Check out all of the Statera fitness options at . Hopefully this will encourage you to challenge yourself to try something new this week! We invite you to try one live stream class for FREE. Learn more and schedule using the links below, or call 563-207-8932. Be sure to enter the promo code "HEALTHY" at checkout.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Candace Pickett

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

Candace does such a great job and it’s a high point in my day to get to work out with her. 

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