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Intentional Eating, A Crucial Step to Becoming an Intuitive Eater

Updated: Apr 13

One of my favorite things is to watch my clients develop the tools and interoceptive awareness needed to become an intuitive eater that has a deep trust in themself and their body. There's nothing quite like being freed of diet culture's food rules and to be able to just eat what feels good for you, without consuming your thoughts with it. The trouble is, going from being out of tune with your needs and what actually feels good to you to transforming into someone with solid intuitive eating tools can be a real struggle if you don't take some important steps along the way.

When you're beginning down the intuitive eating path but are still totally out of touch with your body's needs, you can experience a lot of roadblocks. What happens is we often continue eating the same foods because we think that's what our body is "craving". The truth is, to become an intuitive eater, you must first become an intentional eater. You must learn to eat with the intention of feeling good - both physically and mentally. Chances are if you are taking the time to become an intuitive eater, the food you're currently eating probably isn't making you feel the best because if it were, why would you be wanting to develop the tools of intuitive eating?

To become an intentional eater, it's important to take some time to learn about what foods carry what nutrients and how these nutrients protect and fuel your body. Then you must introduce some of these nutrient dense foods to your body so you can truly feel the difference that it makes when your body is being properly supported by the food you're consuming. This doesn't make other foods off limits, it just makes the nutrient dense foods very important so we can perform well each day, mentally feel balanced and at ease and to age well.

Once you're able to feel the difference in your body when eating certain foods, you can use that knowledge base to tune in and decide what your body needs from meal to meal to continue to feel your best each day. If you can get this down, you're well on your way to becoming an intuitive eater! If you need some extra support with your wellness journey, please reach out by scheduling a FREE 15 minute consultation with me so you can decide if working with a Integrative Nutrition Coach is the right move for you!

Until next time,

Coach Bri

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