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How to Find Movement You Love

Updated: Apr 13

It’s the beginning of the new year so I’m sure you’re being bombarded with “the perfect exercise routine!” or “the best way to burn fat fast!” posts just like me. This is nothing new, it happens every year and many times we've fallen into the trap. We force ourselves to commit to exercise we hate or maybe we love it sometimes but we end up feeling burnt out by week 3 because it’s too intense for our everyday lives. Here are a few tips for finding, and sticking to, movement we love.

  • Don’t feel you have to increase intensity to experience benefit. Slowing it down can be SO beneficial for our bodies. Try movement that strengthens while also creating space and brings peace into your body. This can be classes like yoga, Pilates or Thai Chi.

  • Think of what you liked to do as a kid. Did you actually enjoy The Pacer in gym class as a kid? Maybe you would enjoy running as an adult. Or maybe you enjoyed being competitive so you could join a rec league or get a group of friends together to play the sport you enjoyed! Enjoy being outside? Go on a hike or offer to be the one to shovel when it snows! Beneficial movement doesn’t have to be traditional exercise in the way we’ve been programmed to think of it.

  • Diversify. Commit to moving your body in several different ways throughout the week. A strong, balanced body comes from a mix of many different movements and there is no one size fits all. Tune in, listen to and honor your body before, during and after you exercise and you’ll know exactly what the perfect mix is for you!

Until next time,

Coach Bri

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