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Getting Over Getting Older

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I used to think 65 was really old. Now I am just four weeks away from that milestone birthday. Those close to me know that number has been messing with my head. I was proud to get my AARP card at age 50, but the Medicare card seems to hold a different meaning for me. I have found myself saying things like, “At my age, I can’t…” or “I probably can’t do that much longer.” As a Life Coach who teaches our Aging Well program and who deeply believes in the beauty and grace of growing older (and wiser), how did I find myself falling victim to these limiting beliefs?

I have started challenging those limiting beliefs that could hold me back from

experiencing some incredible experiences over the next years or decades. Please

indulge me in some self-reflection.

Limiting Belief: Old Age Begins at 65—Old age begins when YOU decide it should, not society or advertisers. Age is only a number, just like the number on the scale. I often ask my clients, “What age would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” How is age 65 suppose to feel? I know people who only begin to flourish after 60 and some who are old at 50. As the saying goes, aging is required, growing old is optional. We get to choose our path forward.

Limiting Belief: My Best Years Are Behind Me—I now understand so well why

people say, “I would only want to go back to age 20 if I could keep my knowledge and wisdom of the years.” I like the person I am today and the wisdom I have gained over these years. I worry less, love more, reject drama, demonstrate resilience, work because I love it and celebrate minor miracles every day. I have the capacity for mindfulness that I did not have earlier in life. If I continue to grow and mature on this trajectory, the years ahead can only be miraculous.

Limiting Belief: I Will No Longer Be Able to Do What I Love—I have to call BS

on myself for this one! This is only true if I decide it will be. Things do change, but if we adhere to a healthy, aging well lifestyle, we can have not only a long, but an active, rewarding life. The choice of my mindset, attitude and actions is always in my own hands.

You may have found yourself struggling with some of the same limiting beliefs about growing older. There is a theme of choice running through this reflection. We truly do get to choose how we want to use the time we are given here on earth. We can choose to life small, in fear of what is around the corner, or we can live a life of love and gratitude for what has been, what is and what will be. I hope you will choose love and gratitude with me.

Blessings and Live Gratefully,

Coach Linda

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