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Find Your Peace

Updated: Apr 13

Ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I'll feel peace." Spirit says "Find your peace and everything will fall into place." - Marianne Williamson

I think of this quote often throughout the year, but especially around the new year. While we begin to think about what pieces of ourselves we want to bring into the new year and what to leave behind, we often fall into the egoic trap of "when I have _____, I will be at peace" or "when I lose __ pounds, I will be at peace". When really, we can be with peace right here and right now, without changing a single thing about ourselves. Confidence doesn't come from a number on the scale, happiness doesn't come from a salad and love for ourselves and others should never have to be earned by reaching external goals. Waiting to allow ourselves to be at peace is truly a waste of the fleeting, precious time that we have here to experience life. Think about all the time you've already spent not allowing peace to flow through you due to not reaching certain goals or looking a certain way. It's a lot more than you'd prefer, I'm sure.

So while you think about how you want to step into 2021, I invite you to allow yourself to feel and embody the happiness and peace we are longing for when we often set the external goals or resolutions that we do. I invite you to remind yourself that you are enough and worthy of all the love and good things you want in your life, right now in this moment. Release the pressures put on yourself and welcome in peace. Releasing these pressures is often difficult but once you've released them, you'll find that it is much easier to attain the peace you're longing for and it has nothing to do with a number on a scale or how many times you worked out this week. You'll also notice that it is much easier to live your life in the way that you've always wanted to.

Happy New Year,

Coach Bri

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