Dear Cancer

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Dear Cancer,

I have grown up fearing you; along with most of the rest of modern society. That fear has only attracted you to me; so I had to face my fears. When I was 37 I was diagnosed with you on my tongue. In knee jerk reaction fashion, I had you cut out within 2 weeks of my diagnosis; giving the false hope that you were taken care of; gone. However, this “run in” with you opened my eyes to researching and taking fear out of the equation. This “run in” lead me to read books, watch documentaries, and speak with real life natural cancer survivors.

All this research left me better equipped to handle another “run in” with you in 2018 when I was 38. However, this time I was no longer fearful, but actually empowered by the miraculousness of the human body. I did not do any knee jerk reactions this time. However, I knew I really needed to treat my body very well as you are a sign of something gone very wrong in my body. I supplemented and detoxed my body so it was healthier than ever. I now drink Ionized water and have made several diet changes. I sought out a natural cancer clinic which was onboard with providing my body all the minerals and vitamins it should need because, after all, it will only be my own immune system that overcomes you.

I have now done enough research that I am confident my body WILL overcome you and I will live to tell about it. You, cancer, are a sign of toxin overloads so I am minimizing my load. Through this journey I have also done a lot of introspection and have worked to heal any unsettled relationships from my past that could have contributed to you. When a person has a will to live there is no rock you won’t turn over.

You, cancer, are the devil in our society and have taken many many lives gone too soon. Perhaps we don’t actually need to fear you as our miraculous bodies can heal cancer if we support it to the best of our ability.

In place of the fear I originally had now lies confidence, empowerment, strength, humbleness, and GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the clarity I have now on my sense of self, sense of purpose, and the overwhelming feeling that my body has everything it needs. I would not have any of this if I had not been faced with my fear.

So, cancer, it has been nice getting to know you and now you can see your way out of my life.



~Lindsey Topping, Physical Therapist

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