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Finding Balance this Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 13

The holidays are here!

It's been a long year but we've finally made it to Thanksgiving. While this time of year comes with joy, warm feelings and time with loved ones (even if from afar), it can also bring anxiety and fear about how we are going to navigate staying healthy throughout the holidays.

If there's one thing we've come to learn about our relationship with food, it's that restrictions and diets don't work. Neither does using exercise to "burn off" the foods that you decide to nourish yourself with. So this holiday season, I invite you to indulge in your favorite foods and exercise with mindfulness and release the fear around eating.

Try incorporating following tips to this year when it comes to food decisions:

~Take 3 deep breaths before eating and ask yourself, "is this something I truly want or am I just eating this because it's in front of me?". This will allow your body to relax into rest and digest and bring some mindfulness to your food choices, putting you in the control seat.

~Slow down. Put down your fork every few bites and take time to consciously chew your food. Again, allowing your body to register that it's receiving nutrients and send signals to your brain that you're satiated before you get too full.

~Express your gratitude list before your holiday meal. This will raise your vibration and decrease the chances of eating to cope with emotion, which can often lead to over-indulgence.

Move in ways that feel good and you enjoy. Don't choose exercise because it "burns the most calories" or because someone else told you to do it. Choose ways to move that brings you joy and makes you feel good. That's how you build lasting, consistent habits that contribute to optimal health.

I wish you the warmest holiday season,

Coach Bri

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