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Are you in a toxic relationship with your scale?

Updated: Apr 13

Body weight has been a popular marker for health for quite sometime now. It's a number that is easy to attain and some think can give you an answer to whether or not you're healthy. But just because of popularity and ease of figuring it out, does that mean that it's the best way to figure out your health?

There are many reasons why body weight is a poor way to give you a full picture of your health but one of the reasons that I believe is most detrimental is the impact that weighing ourselves can have on our mental health. Oftentimes when we are weighing ourselves, it can either give us a confidence boost or ruin our day. You're down a few pounds? Yay, time to celebrate! You're up a few pounds? Dang it, time to restrict food and beat ourselves up about how we can do better. Unfortunately the latter often sticks with us longer than the former.

You can see how basing your progress and health solely on weight can lead to a real roller coaster of emotions. You're possibly even experiencing it right now. It can make you feel like a failure, cause you to continue a restrict/binge cycle and suck the joy out of your days. The number on the scale can truly cause a toxic relationship with it and with yourself.

Instead of focusing on weight, I encourage you to base your health and progress on how you feel as you move through your days. Feeling more energetic and more joyful throughout the day? Sleeping deeper and longer with less sugar cravings at that tricky 3pm time? Realizing that food doesn't have to be neither good nor bad but can be a tool that can help you feel your best? These are the measurements that can bring more joy into your life and give you a better idea of what your health is like.

It can be tough to transition to this mindset vs the weight loss mindset so consider working with a Health Coach to get you on your way!

Until next time,

Coach Bri

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