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A lesson in receiving....

Updated: Apr 13

Today I learned a lesson in receiving. We champion the selflessness, the always going, the always doing, the “being Super Mom”. This pressure is put on us by ourselves but also by the world around us - especially through highlight reels on social media. As women, we carry much of the load of the family, especially when our babies are so young. Our babies need us, mentally and physically, at all times. And we fill those needs for them, without a pause or a question. But today I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t access the energy I needed to be there for my son the way I needed to be. Today being Super Mom was too great of a weight to carry. I tried the coffee, I tried the tea, the supplements, the workout, etc…just to try to bring me into a mental space of being present with my son but none of it was working. What I needed was something I couldn't do with him in my care - I needed rest. I needed to eat a meal without rushing through it or feeding him as well. I needed to lie down without having an ear open to the monitor. So today I asked for help.

I beat myself up on the way to drop him off and I beat myself up on the way back home. Was I really asking someone else to watch my son for me while I had nothing else going on? Asking made me feel the farthest from Super Mom but after I opened myself up to receive the help and took care of myself, I came out on the other end feeling more Super Mom-y than ever. I felt ready to nourish myself, to show up to work as my best self and to welcome my son and husband home that night with presence and excitement to see them knowing I had filled my own cup to help them fill theirs.

It is hard to receive when you’re a mom or any human at all. We are the givers, the doers, the glue that holds it all together - but if motherhood has taught me one thing, it’s to receive without guilt or shame. It takes strength to admit you need help. It takes strength to put yourself first, even if you know you’ll be a better mom/woman/whatever because of it. So I hope my lesson in receiving can help another human being out there open themselves up to receive in any way they need because one tiny moment of receiving can be the difference between burnout and increasing your quality of life.

And to all the other moms out there - you got this, you are amazing and you deserve all the support in the world. Please let yourself receive it.

Until next time,

Coach Bri

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