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Mat Pilates and Oov

Improve strength and flexibility on a mat while enhancing the mind/body connection.

Restorative Mat Pilates

A mat class designed to help those that are looking to improve and maintain mobility and flexibility while building strength.

Restorative Mat Pilates

Designed to a slower pace, using bands, balls, and stretches to restore proper function. An Intro to Oov is recommended before taking any Oov class to obtain the most benefit.

Mat Pilates with Props

Add variety and challenge to the original mat Pilates repertoire in this multi-level mat class. The movements will be enhanced by using props, such as the Fitness Circle, Fit Ball, Flex Band and Arc Barrel.

Equipment Based Pilates and Oov

Use our pilates equipment (reformers) to practice the mind/body connection while increasing strength and flexibility. A private intro class is a mandatory prerequisite to all EBP classes. 

Level 1 EBP

Learn the basic principles and Essential reformer repertoire while beginning to practice the mind/body connection through movement. As the student progresses, the Vertical Frame will be introduced.

Level 2 EBP

This class is designed to challenge the experienced Pilates student while deepening their understanding of mind/body movement. The student will perfect movements on the Reformer, Jump Board, Vertical Frame and Mat. Intermediate/Advanced Students Only.

Level 3 EBP

Level 3 EBP, by invitation from instructor only.

60+ Restorative EBP

A slow paced Reformer class for the mature client looking to increase strength and flexibility. Individual modifications as needed.

Multi-Level EBP

Essential to the most experienced Pilates student can join in this class. All exercises will have regressions for those just beginning to explore Pilates and progressions to challenge those familiar with the repertoire. The pace will be faster than Essential classes which will require concentration on form, precision and stability. As with all classes, the 5 basic principles will be reviewed and practiced through all movements. This integrated class provides multiple opportunities to grow and strengthen your practice.


Drop In: $16

10-Pass: $15

20-Pass: $14

30-Pass: $13


Drop In: $28

10-Pass: $25.20

20-Pass: $23.80

30-Pass: $22.30

Our instructors also offer private pilates lessons:

one-on-one or duet.

For pricing, contact Statera at


Watch Malia's video for more information!

Malia Ridgway

Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, TRX, Anti-Gravity

Malia’s Pilates specializations include Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels and Stability Chair, and has completed the Injuries and Special Populations coursework.  In addition, Malia holds a certification in Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity R fitness program and is a qualified TRX suspension trainer.

Over the past 17-years, Malia Ridgway has called several places home, traveling between Galena, Il. and SE Asia, where she had the unique experience of living in Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Her love of Pilates is the one thing that has remained constant throughout her travels, inspiring her to earn her Level 1 teaching certificate through Stott Pilates in April 2015.

I am committed to provide a harmonious trainer/client relationship, where we work as a team whether in small group or private sessions.  My goal for each client is to help them attain their fitness goals through mindful planning and taking into account any physical restrictions and/or modifications.  Movement is my passion!

Sue Webber

Pilates Instructor

Sue Webber, Certified Pilates instructor earned her certificate to teach Mat & Reformer Pilates through Balanced Body in 2011 and is now certified to teach all apparatus; including Cadillac, Chair & Barrel. She has also completed coursework on Pilates for Neurological Conditions, led by Dr. Brett Anderson PhD, PT . She has been teaching Pilates in Dubuque for the past 7 years.

Whether I am teaching a group class or a private, I am mindful to balance my energetic cheerful spirit with a challenging workout. In class you can expect a light-hearted atmosphere but I want you to be challenged. I will always offer safe modifications for all levels and encourage you to have patience with yourself especially if you are injured or have limited mobility. The positive changes I see in clients inspires me. As people build strength, become more flexible and make their health a priority, they become happier people.

I’m a mom of 4 that started pilates 12 years ago to practice self care and get in shape. I was thrilled when my acute back pain, caused by a degenerative disk, vanished within months of starting Pilates Reformer classes. This (and my instructor) encouraged me to continue my pilates journey with pursuing a career in pilates instruction. I’m excited to join the Statera team!

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