Our Estheticians believe in caring for the natural beauty of your skin from the inside out as well as the outside in. We work with men and women of all ages in developing a holistic approach in caring for your skin. This includes performing treatments using organic products as well as addressing nutrition and other lifestyle factors that impact skin health. Regular facials and skincare treatments can slow the aging process, rejuvenate and hydrate skin, help clear acne, promote an even skin tone, reduce the impact of environmental damage, and relieve stress.  To schedule, please call 563-207-8943 or visit the link below.  *Join us the 2nd Thursday evening of each month for Mini Organic Facials.



Our Estheticians are proud to use Blissoma products for all skin care services at Statera.  These products restore skin to balance through the sacred relationship between plants and people. The first touch envelops you in blossom, berry, bark, and root. Freshly made extracts offer a higher, more complete level of phytonutrients. Blissoma combine cutting edge chemistry with traditional herbal knowledge for the best of both worlds.


We offer Pure Anada color at Statera for safe and beautiful complements to our Blissoma skincare products. 

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Amanda Wettstein

Amanda Wettstein holds an AA degree with a background in health and medical science,and has earned a license in Esthetics and Microderma-brasion. She is passionate about working with  people to attain healthy skin at any stage of life, educating in skincare routines that work best for them. Amanda incorpor-ates guidance in mind, body, spirit wellness for ultimate skin health.

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Lyndsay Kramer

Lyndsay is a licensed esthetician who is happy to help a wide variety of people feel and look their best. Lyndsay is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neuro-developmental disability that generally leads to differences in communication, social skills, unique patterns of thought, and behavior.  Lyndsay works through these challenges and takes pride in her abilities and in conforming to what the public perceives as normal.