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June, 2019

Summer Yoga

Every fall when the crisp, cool weather rolls around, yoga classes fill up. It is an inviting time to be inside and a great way to stay active during the winter months. However, when summer comes around, students tend to roll up their yoga mats and put them away until fall. Warm air and bright sunshine are too tempting and make spending time inside hard. It’s a joy to be outside hiking, swimming, and riding bikes. Summer can also present scheduling challenges to a yoga practice. Kids are out of school, family schedules change, and vacations are happening.


It is important to remember that yoga has year-round benefits and is not just a form of physical activity. Often times yoga is seen as a substitute or equivalent to other types of physical activities. While yoga is great for toning the body, increasing flexibility, stamina and balance, it is more than just a physical practice. Yoga aids in digestion, sleep and fascial release in the body. It improves respiration, energy levels, and mental clarity. Consistent yoga practice helps with stress management, chronic pain, and inflammation. Yoga is a practice that develops mind-body health and spiritual growth. Things we benefit from all year long.


If scheduling is an issue, take the money you would spend on group classes and apply it to private sessions to develop a home practice. A home practice can be customized for your needs, time and space. While a home practice may seem daunting at first, with the assistance of a few private lessons, you will have a personalized practice in no time.


Save your class punches for rainy days and practice outside. Do a standing practice on your patio or use

the grass as your mat. Yoga can be done anytime. Practice early in the morning with sun salutations to greet the day or do a restorative or yin practice after the sun goes down. Finding yoga buddies is a great way to find support for your practice. Take turns staying home with the kids during studio classes.


Remember, a 20-minute yoga practice is better than no yoga practice and summer is a great time to start practicing yoga.


Take the time to maintain your yoga practice this summer. When people return to their mats in the fall, they are often burned out, stressed out, and tight and sore from the summer. Consistent yoga practice helps keep the body flexible and fit. It maintains mental calmness and a strong mind-body connection. Yoga can be the key to enjoying your summer and avoiding burn out in the fall!

-Bridget Leary


Bridget is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and health coach at Statera, offering group and private lessons.

June Workshops



June 1~ Focus on Fitness with Dr. Lor Hutchison, Eli Licht, and Chris English; 10:30-11:45am, Lower Level, $16


June 4 ~ Healing Your Mommy Tummy with Dr. Leslie Kremer; 6:30-8:30pm, Lower Level, $16


June 5 ~ Reverse Pre-Diabetes Naturally Without Medication with Dr. Lor Hutchison and select Statera Team Members; 6:00-7:00pm, Upper Level, Visit our website for more information 


June 10 ~ Milk Parties! with Becky Franzen and Leslie Kremer; 9:30-10:30am, Upper Level, FREE


June 11 ~ Prenatal Breastfeeding Class with Becky Franzen; 6:15-8:30pm, Upper Level, $25


June 11 ~ Natural Mama Birth Class with Lacy Knipper; 6:30-8:30pm, Lower Level, Visit our website for more information 


June 20 ~ Understanding Asana with Bridget Leary; 6:00-7:30pm, Upper Level, $25 (includes one free yoga class(


June 20 ~ Healthy and Delicious Desserts with Candice Chaloupka; 6:00-8:00pm, Upper Level, $16 or 2 for $25


June 20 ~ Community Acupuncture with Ashley Oberbroeckling; 5:30-8:00pm, Lower Level, $35


June 24 ~ Milk Party! with Becky Franzen and Leslie Kremer; 9:30-10:30am, Upper Level, FREE


June 26 ~ Back to Work for New Moms with Becky Franzen; 10:30-11:30am, Upper Level, $16

Wellness Classes

We offer a variety of small group personal training classes Monday through Saturday. Call, visit our website, or use the Mindbody app to schedule.


  • Barre

  • Anti-Gravity

  • Mat Pilates

  • Oov

  • Equipment Based Pilates

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Yoga (Flow and Slow Flow)

  • Balanced Wellness

Schedule an Appointment


To schedule appointments with our MD, Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, Medical Aesthetitian, Physical Therapists, or Mental Health Counselors please call (563) 207-8932 Monday through Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-2. For all other providers, classes, workshops and events please call or visit our website.

Weekly Lunch & Learns

12:10-12:50, Lower Level, FREE


June 7 ~ Developing an Attitude of Gratitude with Chris English, MA, MDIV, DMIN, Spiritual Director


June 14~ Introduction to AntiGravity with Malia Ridgway, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, TRX, Anti-Gravity


June 21~ Personal Training for You with Eli Licht, Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer


June 28~ Acupuncture with Ashley Oberbroeckling, M.Ac, L.Ac, L.M.T

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