Growing Healthy Families

Our Growing Healthy Families program at Statera offers a wide variety of one-on-one  appointments, classes, workshops, and events for optimizing mind, body, spirit health and  wellness for you and your family. From family planning and natural options to enhance fertility  to perinatal support to learning opportunities about embracing healthy living as a family,  our team of professionals is here for you every step of the way.

Natural Options for 

Fertility Enhancement 

Schedule one on one appointment(s) for natural options to enhance fertility.  Not sure where to start?  Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to learn more about what options may be best for you.  

Pre- and Post-Natal                 Class and Workshop Options

We offer a variety of class and workshop options to support you from conception through delivery and beyond.

(*We will be offering virtual options for many of these classes and workshops. Check back often for updates!)


Other Healthy Pregnancy Appointment Options

Consider other one-on-one appointment options to support your health and wellness during pregnancy.


Women's Health Physical Therapy Appointment Options

Leslie Kremer offers specific release techniques to the abdomen and pelvis to promote balance within the body for optimal baby positioning and an easier/shorter labor. These techniques will also help alleviate common complaints of pain, swelling, and varicose veins.

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