Our Embracing Healthy Lifestyles program at Statera offers a wide variety of  learning opportunities for optimizing mind, body, spirit health and wellness. From understanding what   true health and wellness really is and how to optimize your health, to thriving through  life's transitions, to healthy aging, our team of professionals is here for you

through every twist and turn life may bring your way. 

10-week Wellness Programs:

Empowered Wellness or 

Aging Well

Our 10-week Wellness Programs are comprehensive programs that will provide you with the latest health information, engage you in proven success strategies, and guide you in developing a personal plan for optimizing your health and wellness for a lifetime. Our highly trained and certified professionals will work closely with you to activate your new lifestyle by focusing on how you eat, how you move and how you think. The 10-week sessions include Life and Wellness Coaching, Small Group Personal Training, and Nutrition Guidance.  Learn more using the link below. Each program is limited to 6 participants, so advanced registration is required. Our next sessions begin April 14th and April 18th.  These sessions are planned to meet in person, but we are prepared to move to a virtual format if necessary.  *Not sure if one of these programs is right for you? Schedule a FREE 30-minute Health Coaching Consultation.

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety, find your mind racing often, or experience generalized worry? Then this one-hour workshop is for you.  We will discuss the basics of mindfulness, why it is important, and how to apply the practice to your everyday life.  What you'll learn:

  • How to go through your days with more presence and optimism.

  • How to decrease reactivity to stressors and find more creative responses to life's challenges.

  • How to strengthen connection to yourself and others.

We are now offering this workshop virtually. To register in advance, call 563-207-8932 or click the link below.  Once registered, you will receive an email with login information before the class begins.

Personal Training/Nutrition/  Private TRX, Pilates, and Yoga

At Statera, we believe in health and wellness mind, body, spirit and our fit-ness and nutrition experts are ready to guide you to experience what this means. We encourage individualized  programming for balance in nutrition, strength, flexibility, and endurance, keeping in mind your unique needs and goals. Consider scheduling with our Dietitian and Personal Trainers for a thorough evaluation, recommendations for programming, and guidance in getting started or for ongoing sessions. We also offer private one-one-one, duet, or small group sessions for TRX, Pilates, and Yoga/Meditation.  

(*These options are currently offered virtually only due to the recent CDC guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus.  Please call 563-207-8932 to schedule.)

Embracing Healthy Lifestyles:

Sampler Events

Our Embracing Healthy Lifestyles program at Statera offers a wide variety of appointments, classes, workshops, and events for optimizing mind, body, spirit health and wellness. Twice annuallywe offer opportunities to experience a sampling of what Statera has to offer. Our next event will be in celebration of Women's Health and Fitness Day in September.  We will post details for this event and open registration soon.

Break the Diet Cycle!

Break the Diet Cycle is a 4-week workshop series committed to educating individuals on how psychology and biology impact your weight loss goals. If you have a history of yo-yo dieting but can’t lose weight or continue to gain weight despite your best efforts, then this program is for you. Discover how a diet mentality and dieting myths are stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals. Registration is limited to 10 participants, so advanced registration is required. Our next session begins April 2nd.  To register please call our front desk at 563-207-8932 or click below. This session will be offered as a live-streaming option.  *Not sure if this program is right for you? Schedule a  FREE 30-minute Health Coaching Consultation for review and recommendations.

Fearless in the Kitchen:

Monthly Cooking Series

Fearless in the Kitchen is a monthly cooking class hosted by Candice   Chaloupka, Master Certified Health Coach. Candice is passionate about educating and inspiring people to make healthy nutritional choices. We are grateful to partner with Natural Grocers to bring you fresh, organic ingredients for all of our cooking classes! Registration is limited to 6 participants, so advanced registration is required.  For your safety, please be sure to contact our front desk to let us know if you have any food sensitivities or allergies.  

~April 4th: Asparagus *POSTPONED

~May & June TBA

*Interested in hosting a private Fearless in the Kitchen class? Contact us to learn more.

Life and Health Coaching

At Statera, our Life and Health Coaches join with you in your health and wellness journey, wherever that may be. In work-ing together to identify where you've been, where you are, and where you'd like to be, together we create a plan to guide you step-by-step toward lasting lifestyle changes to optimize your healthand wellness.  You will be empowered to take control of your own life and over-come obstacles you never thought possible.  Experience more joy, more life satisfaction...live the life you'e always dreamed of! *Sessions may be in person, by phone, or using a HIPAA compliant online platform.  When scheduling please be sure to let us know how you prefer to connect, and include your mobile phone and email address.  If needed, you will receive login information once you have scheduled  your appointment.

Workshops: Balance Ball & Core, TRX and Halo

At Statera we enjoy offering a wide variety of learning opportunities you can use to mix up your wellness routine and keep it fresh.  This month, join Personal Trainer Candace Pickett for two new workshops and learn about ongoing fitness classes offered at Statera as well as exercise techniques you can use at home.  Open to men and women of all ages and ability levels.   $16 (punchcards may be used to pay for this workshop)


~Balance Ball & Core

No dates currently scheduled.

~TRX and Halo

April  11th and 25th, 10:30-11:20am

Heal(thy) Self Small Group

Health Coaching 

Are you constantly looking for new diets that give you the quickest results? Are you sick of feeling insecure in your body? Does stress at your job or in your relationship(s) cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?  Over the course of this 6-week program, we will focus on balancing mind, body, and spirit to achieve optimal health.  We will talk about your biggest struggles and how to create habits that support your health and wellness goals, while also working on self-awareness to make the best decision for yourself in any circumstance.  *This program will be offered again soon.

*Not sure if this program is right for you?  Schedule a  FREE 30-minute Health Coaching Consultation for review and recommendations. 

Statera Monthly Book Club

New this year!  Our team of professionals will be hosting a monthly book club to provide an opportunity for informal discussion on a wide variety of topics relating to mind, body, spirit health and wellness.  Scheduled for the 4th Thursday evening of each month, 6:00-7:00 pm.  Admission is FREE, and the book is available at Statera for advanced purchase.  Advanced registration appreciated.  Feel free to join us whether you've had an opportunity to read the book or not!

~April 23rd: The Blue Zones Solution

~May 28th: Mindfulness, An 8-week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World

~June 25th: Girl, Wash Your Face

Ongoing Fitness & Yoga Classes

Our highly trained team of professionals offer a wide variety of ongoing unique fitness and yoga classes at Statera to strengthen the mind-body connection and improve strength, flexibility, balance, core stability, and cardio endurance. Classes are open to men and women of all ages and ability levels, and class sizes are small to allow for individualized attention. Modifications can easily be made to accommodate any needs and goals for your safety and enjoyment. (*We are not currently offering group fitness or yoga classes in person due to the CDC guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus, but we are offering live-streaming classes!  To learn more and to register in advance, click the link below.)

Wellness Retreats

We offer Wellness Retreats throughout the year, each one unique in theme and content.  Our spring retreat will be "Celebrating Growth and New Beginnings for the Mind, Body & Spirit."  Spring is the perfect time to regroup, re-prioritize, and reinvent ourselves in order to create better balance in our lives.  This is the season of hope, growth, and renewed optimism for the future. This retreat will focus on helping you make space in your life for new beginnings, show you how to begin growing healthy daily wellness habits, and provide strategies for building inner peace that will sustain you.  (*We are currently limiting registration for this event to 10 participants according to the CDC guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus.  Advanced registration is required.  We are prepared to offer a virtual option if necessary.)

*Interested in hosting a private Wellness Retreat customized just for you? Contact us to learn more.

Fifty and Forward: Sharing, Caring, and Growing Together

This program combines education, support, and networking for women approaching that milestone birthday of 50 and beyond who are transitioning through life changes and are seeking new connections, resources, and opportun-ities.  Attendance to a three-week work-shop is a pre-requisite to attending the ongoing monthly connection groups. Monthly connection groups include drinks and light appetizers, time for casual socialization and networking, and topics for ongoing growth and personal development. *This program is not currently being offered due to CDC recommendations to restrict groups of this size.  We expect to resume this program in the fall of 2020.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Statera Lunch and Learns 

Our Statera Lunch and Learns are offered in the spring and fall each year. Hosted by our team of professionals, each Lunch and Learn is a unique topic relating to mind, body, spirit health and wellness.  Join us beginning February 26th, 12:10-12:50pm.  Lunch is not provided, but feel free to bring your own. Admission is FREE.  Learn more and register in advance using the link below.

~March 25th: Cycle Syncing Your Life for Optimal Hormone Balance (*This program is available on-demand)

~April 8th: Plant-Based Nutrition for Healthy Living

~April 22nd: Gut Health

~May 6th: What if we saw Mental Health as Brain Health?

Open Cardio

Enjoy use of our state of the art cardio fitness equipment, including two treadmills, one stationary bike, one recumbent bike, one elliptical, and one NuStep. Available anytime Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, or Saturday 8am-12pm.  Earn FREE gear, gift certificates, and classes using our cardio equipment during the month of March!  See the back of our March Fitness Calendar for more details.


  • Day pass $5

  • Unlimited monthly use $35

  • Auto-renewal monthly unlimited $31.50


*Use of our cardio equipment is FREE with the purchase of a 10/20/30 punchcard or during your enrollment in our 10-week wellness programs, Empowered Wellness and Aging Well.

(*We are not currently allowing clients to use our cardio equipment due to the CDC guidelines to slow the spread of Coronavirus. We will be offering an extension for our March Cardio Challenge, so check back often as we're able to post details!)

Other Wellness Learning 

Opportunities at Statera 

In addition to our ongoing classes and workshops, we offer a variety of additional learning opportunities throughout the year. Registration is currently open for Holistic Perspectives on Cancer Care coming up in March. Check back often for schedule updates, and consider joining our email list!

~March 14th *Postponed*: Holistic    Perspectives on Cancer Care 

~May 30th: Holistic Perspectives on

  Brain Health

~September 12th: Holistic Perspectives

   on Menopause

~November 7th: Holistic Perspectives        on Diabetes

Embracing Healthy Lifestyles

Our Embracing Healthy Lifestyles program at Statera offers a wide variety of learning  opportunities for optimizing mind, body, spirit health and wellness. From understanding what   true health and wellness really is and how to optimize your health, to thriving through life's  transitions, to healthy aging our team of professionals is here for you every twist and turn life may bring your way.  

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