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How can Physical Therapy help with dizziness?

Dizziness is a major problem often not talked about because patients (and sometimes physicians) don’t know that there are options for testing and treatment that can be beneficial.  Physical Therapy has several things that can improve or even eliminate dizziness. I have been certified in Vestibular Therapy so I understand how to address many causes of dizziness, from crystals in the inner ear to concussions.  Specific treatment and exercises can be prescribed depending on the root cause of the dizziness. Once a thorough evaluation has been performed and the root cause is known, corrective exercises are given and the dizziness should resolve fairly quickly.  If Physical Therapy testing is inconclusive, there are additional tests I can recommend to be performed by an ENT and/or Audiologist to find the root cause of the dizziness. So, if you’re having any dizziness do not delay in coming in to see do not have to live with dizziness! 


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~Lindsey Topping, DPT

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